How To Build A House In Minecraft?

Keeping yourself safe in style will be much easier if you know how to build a house in Minecraft or a cabin. Your art can reflect your own priorities and outlook, so you can use it as a creative expression.

Here are a few suggestions for your next build that will help you find some inspiration for your own dream house. If you want to build a house in Minecraft, you will need some time, some resources, and some love.

How To Build A House In Minecraft

Construction of your dream house, whether it be in a cozy cabin or a hilltop hideout, is a challenging venture in Minecraft. However, nothing beats the feeling of looking out from the comfort of your cozy cabin or marveling at the view from your hilltop hideout. Making a Minecraft house design from scratch is difficult, so these ideas will save you time and allow you to spend more time enjoying your new pad rather than getting bogged down with building it.

Our Minecraft house building list includes wood cabins, beach huts, suburban houses, and even castles from the medieval era, so whether you’re an experienced builder or starting out on your project for the first time, you’ll find something that suits your style. A video tutorial is attached to each building featured here in order to make constructing them easier.

Tutorial To Build A House In Minecraft

It’s a good idea to start simple when building a Minecraft house. At first, a house is only meant to provide a safe place to retreat to when things start spawning – at least until you have enough resources to upgrade it.

So yes, later on in this article, we will share some extravagant/clever/creative house ideas that you can build in Minecraft.

Let us start with a brief tutorial on how to build a house in Minecraft. Here are some basic instructions!

Step 1: Build Your Walls

You can make walls by laying down blocks one atop another. How many blocks you place vertically and horizontally will determine the height and length of your walls. Walls can be made from almost any kind of block, including dirt, sand, wood, gravel, or cobblestone. However, keep in mind that wood-based blocks will make a building more susceptible to fire.

Step 2: Make a Roof

Your walls can be topped with blocks once the walls are completed. Just make sure the blocks are stacked side by side. Materials can be pretty much anything. Sand or gravel is not permitted for the roof. Sand and gravel will collapse.

Step 3: Add the Door

Through crafting, you can make doors. Any plank of wood will do. Make sure they are arranged in a 2-by-3 formation in the first two columns of the crafting table. There is no limit to the number of shapes you can make as long as your resources allow.

Step 4: Don’t Forget Light

The best place for monsters to spawn is in the darkness, so keep the house well lit! You can also craft torches fairly easily. There is no need for more than two (2) coals or one (1) stick and one (1) charcoal. Neither is necessary.

Step 5: Furnish Your House

Once your safe base is set up, you should add to it (like a real home) to make it more convenient and safer! Build some chests to store items and resources so that you can stock up on more. You can benefit from having a bed of your own when it comes to resting and spawning. It is also great for cooking, smelting ores, and crafting other miscellaneous blocks if you have a furnace in your home.

A bed can be constructed from three (3) wool blocks and three (3) planks (of any kind of wood).

Eight (8) planks of any kind of wood are required for a chest. Cobblestones and black stones are needed to craft a furnace, respectively.

In addition to enchanting tables and grindstones, you’ll want to look into tools and items as you progress. Due to the fact that this is a basic tutorial on home-building, a bed, a furnace, and some chests are sufficient.

Step 6: Decorations & Finishing Touches

You can start adding your own touches to your Minecraft home once you begin harvesting materials and resources easily (to the point that you often have excess). Build concrete walls, create water pools with buckets, and add windows (or stained glass windows) for some natural light. All of these items are fairly easy to make. Getting the ingredients is the only problem.

  • The concrete mixture is colored with 1 dye, 4 sandbags, and 4 gravel bags
  • Three Iron Ingots per bucket
  • Window Panes – 6 pieces of glass

Explore our comprehensive Guide to Minecraft Recipes to learn how to craft dye, carpets, banners, stained glass, and more!

Let’s get started with some really cool housing concepts now that you’ve learned how to build a Minecraft house. You’ll be surprised at the amount of detail, complexity, and sprawl that some builds can achieve. You can absolutely create some amazing housing projects if you have the time, creativity, and – most importantly – the resources to craft everything you need.

8 Ideas for Cool Minecraft Houses:

Minecraft Starter Treehouse

When the night is swiftly approaching and you’re right in the midst of creeper spawns, get high ground fast! You can use Minecraft Treehouses to reminisce about sunny summer afternoons spent in the park or to retreat from your pesky older siblings in your own backyard. You have a significant advantage over any enemies and mobs approaching from this high vantage point. Most ground-based swarms will be unable to reach you at altitude.

And you’d have plenty of sources for building materials if you decided to build the house in an existing tree, rather than starting from scratch.

As a whole, this is an excellent beginner-friendly Minecraft house. You only need a little wood here and there. Your house will be solid if your foundation is solid. But let us show you how it’s done by YouTube user TheMythicalSausage:

Minecraft Farmhouse

You might consider building your own farmhouse if you’re less worried about mobs and more concerned with self-sufficiency. Initial materials will be costly, but they’ll be worthwhile in the long run. It will be possible for you to grow a lot of food, harvest a lot of raw materials for crafting, and perhaps even raise some animals.

It doesn’t matter whether your living quarters are simple or extravagant.

JUN MAB Architecture designed this stunning farmhouse:

It has such a unique aesthetic due to its raised, modular design. And the foundation is spacious enough to accommodate future additions.

There are only 362 pieces of oak logs and 733 pieces of oak planks, so don’t be intimidated by them. Our previous statement says the long-term results will be totally worth it.

Peaceful Minecraft Japanese House

Would you like to take on a little challenge? Try designing a Minecraft house in the Japanese style. I don’t mean a theme. Those aren’t the same.

Create a peaceful and tranquil two-story home with a lot of torches, chests, and blossom trees by incorporating Asian design elements into your blueprints. It may be a bit complicated at first – what with all the pillars, platforms, and sunken areas – but it’s a good way to test your Minecraft-house-building skills. The foundation should be made of cobblestone, sandstone, or acacia wood to make it feel one with nature. For more information on this tutorial, check out this one by JermsyBoy:

Intimidating All-Wood Mansion

Several beginner Minecraft players make the mistake of overcomplicating the process of building homes when they start out. The most basic material blocks for the typical “starter home” are wood, glass panes, and perhaps cobblestone roofs. Mansions (or houses of the same size) are often built with complex building materials, such as concrete, sandstone, stone brick, and obsidian.

A wooden house with three stories and several dozen rooms. Using the same technique as a large Minecraft house constructed from obsidian and red brick, it has the same strength, defensibility, and detail.

Urban Contemporary House

Are you of the opinion that modern high-rise condos with white walls, crisp edges, and sharp corners don’t belong in the world of Minecraft?

Stunning modern Minecraft builds by June MAB Architecture:

In an Interior Design or Home Magazine, this four-story open build would look right at home. The building boasts bright lights, frosted windows, and a unique shell. Minecraft’s aesthetic may not match this, but it is absolutely stunning to look at!

Blue Suburban Build

You can still build a modern home without going full urban or full contemporary. It’s possible to build a suburban home in Minecraft, complete with white trim, blue walls, and a garage door facing the street! Take a look at Rizzial’s guide to learn how.

There’s just something about the highly saturated blue walls that get us, not the stone foundation or raised porch. Their accuracy is almost unnerving! Consider building a modern Minecraft suburban if you’d like three floors of well-lit interiors and all of the modern comforts a Minecrafter could desire.

Underground Minecraft Home

Why not go the complete opposite direction and climb up to six stories of glass, brick, stone, and concrete, instead of towering over every approaching player or mob? It is cool and secretive to have underground bases. From this YouTube tutorial by YouTuber ItsMarloe, you can obviously see how stunning they can be.

Aside from being extremely spacious, ItsMarloe’s build also hits every item on the Ultimate Underground Bunker checklist. This would be the best place to be during a zombie (crawler?) apocalypse. The modular design is flexible enough to allow for future expansion if you follow the tutorial to the letter.

The Odd Diagonal Minecraft Home

Everyone can build a red-brick townhouse, a mansion, a cottage, and a cabin if they have enough time, experience, and resources.

Swordself_MC, a Reddit user who specializes in Minecraft architecture, seems to be able to. In order to come up with some fresh Minecraft house ideas, he challenged himself to think outside the box. A house with a diagonally-built side next to an entrance facing the front is what he came up with. As a result, this house has excellent depth, dimension, and personality.


It can be overwhelming to contemplate all the possibilities in Minecraft. We can help with that. You will find inspiration and a new project in this list of Minecraft house ideas. You’ll find a great selection of Minecraft homes below, ranging from modern houses to underground bases.

With a functional and good-looking home base, you can make things a little easier, with a place for everything and a place where you can rest safely. What are you waiting for? Get creative with your home bases now! New biomes and build heights have been added to Caves and Cliffs as part of the latest update. With these diverse homes, you will find inspiration for whatever kind of home you wish to build.

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