How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

The following tutorial explains how to find buried treasure in Minecraft. We’ll show you how to find Minecraft buried treasure, and give you a few tips and tricks to help you locate it quickly and easily.

The experience of playing Minecraft is immersive, especially when playing in creative mode. The game was updated numerous times over time, which introduced new biomes and mobs to make it even more fun to play. Every time an update is released, the game developers actively work on improving this aspect. Buried treasure is one such update. Where can I find Minecraft buried treasure and how does buried treasure work in the game?

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

With the treasure, you can utilize Minecraft’s exploration capabilities to the fullest. To find the treasure and to get the rewards, the player must follow a map to find the treasure and find the treasure chest.

The search for buried treasure, however, can be very challenging if you don’t know what to do. To find these treasures more quickly and easily, there are a few tricks you can use. If you read this article to the end, you’ll be able to accomplish the task quickly.

What Is In Buried Treasure In Minecraft? 

Treasure chests, also known as buried treasures, can be found in Minecraft. Treasure chests are a type of generated structure. As a result, there will be no chests if you don’t enable “Generate structures.” when creating the world. 

Treasure chests are found on beaches and in snow biomes. Occasionally, they can be found underwater as well. A block of some kind will cover the chests, most likely sand, stone, or gravel.

If they are buried on the ocean floor, they can be covered by sand, or if they are buried on the side of an underwater hill, they can be covered by stone blocks. It is also possible that the chests have become waterlogged.

Different loot is contained in the chest. Depending on the chest, it may hold iron, gold, cooked salmon and cod, a tunic made of leather, a sword of iron, emeralds, diamonds, Prismarine Crystals, or the heart of the sea.

What is a Buried Treasure?

Loot chests with rare items are called buried treasure in Minecraft. You can find a variety of items in the game that can help you survive, from food to tools to minerals. It is necessary for building a Conduit in Minecraft if you intend to use this chest. The heart of the sea is derived only from it. When you create a conduit using it, you will be able to interact with underwater mobs much like a Minecraft beacon.

How To Find Minecraft Buried Treasure?

There are a few steps you must take to find buried treasures in Minecraft. You must do the following:

Step Zero: Finding Oceans

Gravel or sand blocks that cover buried treasure are typically found on the ocean’s surface. Because of this, the chance of discovering this treasure is high. You can try to locate your nearest ocean by digging, but it may take you a while since the ocean is so big.

Step One: From shipwrecks and ocean ruins

Shipwrecks are areas of a ship that have sunk and been destroyed. In this shipwreck, you will find three chests where you can get a treasure map that has directions and instructions. A shipwreck is guaranteed to yield a map.

The chances of getting a map from ocean ruins are 5% when compared to ocean ruins. The sandstone or stone bricks that make up this ocean ruin date back thousands of years. Explore more ocean ruins if you wish to increase your chances of getting maps from them.

Step Two: Follow the map

The maps have a red cross X on them to indicate the treasure’s location. White dots indicate where you are on the map. Follow the direction indicated by the white dots, and when the red one overlaps the white one, it means you have reached the treasure location.

Step Three: Dig

Digging should begin once you find the red X mark. In order to perform this task more quickly, you need a high-quality shovel, since it lies underground in the sand. It is possible that you need to dig around the red X mark since treasure is rarely found exactly beneath it. When digging underwater, make sure you do not drown. Otherwise, all your efforts will be for naught.

Step Four: Enjoy the loot

Having completed the above-explained process, now you can enjoy the loot of this buried treasure, which contains lots of valuable items, including diamonds, emeralds, etc. The loot also has the potential to give you both. The heart of the sea is also important as it consists of TNT and TNT. No other treasure chest can contain it.

How To Find Buried Treasure Minecraft PE

In Minecraft, you can find buried treasure in two different ways. Using dolphins is one method, and using maps is another. The types of mapping are explained here:

Trick No. 1: With the help of dolphins

Dolphins are friendly animals that we all know. When you feed the dolphins raw salmon or raw cod, they will also tell you where the nearest treasure chest is buried as well as where the shipwrecks or ocean ruins are. The ocean ruins and shipwrecks may contain treasure maps.

Trick No. 2: Using buried treasure maps

Open the treasure map you collect from ruins or shipwrecks. If you find a shipwreck, you are 100% likely to get a map, and if you find an ocean ruins, you are 5% likely to get a map. There are some red crosses and white dots on it.

The white dots indicate where you are located, whereas the red crosses indicate where the treasure is. Reach the treasure location by following the map directions. If you reach the location, the red cross marks and white dots will overlap. Dig through the ground to retrieve the treasure.

Where to Look for a Buried Treasure Map?

In most cases, buried treasure can be found under the sea or on the ocean floor. Finding the treasure requires a map. These maps are rarely found. A map is less likely to appear at an underwater ruin than at a surface ruin. A map chest can sometimes be found in the shipwrecks, which are also found in the shipwrecks. Map chests are sure to hold buried treasure maps. Our tutorial will focus on shipwrecks instead of underwater ruins due to the higher spawn rate of map chests.

Find a Shipwreck

It is no coincidence that shipwrecks spawn in the overworld as damaged ship-like structures. Villages usually generate structures, but shipwrecks don’t. These animals can be found under the ocean, floating on the surface of the ocean, or sitting on the beach. Thus, you will have to explore all oceanic Minecraft biomes until you come across a shipwreck. If you’re looking underwater, you’re probably most likely to find it, since that’s where you’ll find it most often. In the screenshot below, the shipwreck appears to be underwater.

Underwater Shipwreck without (L) and with (R) Night Vision

You can find these underwater structures using the Potion of Night Vision when exploring some ocean biomes in Minecraft. Wood makes up the entire structure of the shipwreck. In the same way that a real ship contains decks, masts, cabins, and even trap doors, so does a virtual ship. A shipwreck, however, isn’t usually a complete vessel. Their front or rear parts are usually missing, as well as other random parts. Even if you find a shipwreck in any condition, it is a great find. Nevertheless, you need to hope it has a buried treasure map on board.

Find a Map Chest

The maximum number of chests a shipwreck can have in Minecraft is three. But the map chest is the only chest available. Shipwrecks contain map chests located at the bottom. It means you will have to break some shipwreck parts before you can reach the chest. A supply or treasure chest will still give you amazing loot if there is no map chest in your shipwreck. Map chests can’t always be identified without opening them, but most shipwrecks have a map chest in the following position:

You can find Buried Treasure Maps in a map chest once you find them. All editions contain Buried Treasure Maps. Aside from that, you can find books, feathers, and paper in it. Rarely, you will also find a regular map or a compass in the chests. As soon as you exit the shipwreck and place the buried treasure map in your inventory, you can begin your search.

How To Use Buried Treasure Map

  1. You can see where you are geographically on your map by looking at the area where you are. The following map shows my current position as South-West. The X represents my current position. Thus, I need to move north-east to reach my destination.
  2. Next, we need to determine the direction that our player is facing. If you press the F3 key quickly enough, you can open the information panel in Minecraft Java Edition. This allows you to see which way your character is facing.

To determine the correct movement if you’re playing the Bedrock edition, you’ll have to manually try moving in random directions or use the sunrise/sunset. Minecraft also sees the sun rising and setting in the east.

  1. Secondly, you need to move towards the ideal direction once you know which direction you are facing in your Minecraft world. The treasure is in the northeast direction in my case. Once near the mark, I’ll begin moving north and then east. After traveling some distance, your map should appear as shown below if you move in the right direction. You will also be able to see the world from on the map if you are close enough.
  2. It’s now time to move towards the X after having finished traveling in one direction and coming parallel to it. In order to move forward, the next step is to move toward the X. For me, that means moving east. Your player indicator will move from the edge to the main area of the map if it has been close to the edge until now. Be sure to move in all directions until you are directly over the X. Be sure your player indicator is entirely covered by the X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Minecraft’s buried treasure be underwater?

Underwater, treasure can be found. Beach biomes typically yield buried treasures.

Can buried treasure be under gravel?

It is possible to find treasure buried beneath gravel or rocks. Buried treasures are programmed to appear under the sand, clay, pebbles, coral, etc. depending on climate zones.

Do dolphins help find treasure in Minecraft?

If you feed dolphins raw cod or raw salmon, they will point you to the nearest shipwreck. The loot box can be found using a treasure map.

Is there more than one treasure map in Minecraft?

Treasure maps in Minecraft are found on three different continents. There are ocean maps, woodland maps, and buried maps. Cartographers can purchase maps of the ocean and woodland. As you hunt for the treasure map, you have to look at shipwrecks and underwater ruins.

Final Thoughts

According to some Minecraft players, finding a treasure chest is a big deal, and it’s nearly impossible to obtain one. I can assure you, that if you follow the steps and simple guidelines that we have provided above, it will be the easiest task that you have ever undertaken. You should keep patience while you are digging if you want a suggestion.

It’s possible to dig a few blocks and come up with nothing. Keep digging, and don’t give up. Your efforts will be rewarded. As a result, we hope that this article has helped you learn more about finding buried treasure in Minecraft.

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