How To Hatch A Dragon Egg In Minecraft?

It is a type of egg-shaped block that you receive from defeating the Ender Dragon in the game. Find out how to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft. Minecraft’s Ender Dragon is probably the most difficult challenge you’ll ever have to face, as its downfall allows you to access the outer islands of the End. The End Dragon appears once you reach the end of the game. It might be exciting to hatch the Ender egg in Minecraft, but aside from reading about others’ experiences, users would be better off doing it themselves. If they are not familiar with the egg, it can be a daunting experience because they do not know what it will contain. Other players, often new to Minecraft, attempt to mine or break the egg, which results in their losing everything.

How To Hatch A Dragon Egg In Minecraft

You need to find some dragon eggs in Minecraft before you can hatch one. Kill the mob once you’ve collected around five to ten eggs, then place an egg for each type of mob you intend to hatch. After you have walked away from them for at least 30 blocks, you should be able to hatch the eggs one after another in a specific order. Playing the game Minecraft has been my hobby for quite a while now. I have learned how to hatch dragon eggs in Minecraft and it was a very important lesson for me. Though tedious, it is well worth the effort. Unfortunately, the right way to hatch dragon eggs took a long time. It is for this reason that I have written this article in order to help you hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft right away.

How To Hatch A Dragon Egg In Minecraft?

First, you must find some dragon eggs in Minecraft in order to hatch them. It seems more and more eggs are spawning on the backs of mobs around levels 14-15. An egg carrier will have a darker spot on its back where the egg is: that is the only way to tell if the mob is carrying an egg. The eggs come in two colors, red and black. Mobs that fly, such as bats and creepers, lay black eggs. In contrast, red eggs represent neutral mobs like zombie pigmen that stay on the ground. Placing blocks under the egg carriers will prevent them from jumping off the edge once they are found. When they are knocked out, strike them with the sword again. It is important to stand back, however, to avoid being attacked by the egg carrier.

Take some eggs after the mob has been knocked out. Having been knocked out for too long, an egg carrier is ‘killed’ and the blocks will disappear. You must place one egg for each kind of mob you wish to hatch after having around 5-10 eggs. So, I made two zombie pigmen and two pigs, for instance. Consequently, I created a black egg and a red egg for each of them. Since the order of the eggs doesn’t matter (a black egg and a red egg both create a zombie pigman), I placed the black eggs first as you need to be able to see the mob emerge from the ground.

The eggs should hatch, one after another, after you walk away from them for about 30 blocks.

How To Hatch A Dragon Egg In Minecraft Without Mods?

A dragon egg can be hatched in Minecraft in several different ways, but the most straightforward and effective way is to craft it. You will need seven obsidian blocks (for now) and one ender pearl in order to accomplish this.

  • Making a crafting table in your hot bar (bottom row of your screen) is the first thing you need to do.
  • The next step is to make a chest out of ender blocks, which requires nine obsidian blocks and one diamond block. When this is complete, place the chest atop the obsidian blocks as follows:
  • Creating distance between the two obsidian blocks is the next step. Once you have placed the ender pearl inside, it should look like this: 
  • To find an egg, you will need to look for it. Pigs, cows, and sheep spawn with eggs on their backs, so kill them to get eggs. You can click on the egg in your inventory once you’ve obtained it. Once you do, the egg will be in your hand. Take the diamond block out of your sight for a moment. Place the egg on a block of obsidian in the following manner:
  • To get back to your crafting table, you need to go back to where you put it. As soon as you reach the crafting table, hold the diamond block in your hand and place it inside the crafting table so that you will have the chest, three obsidian blocks, your ender pearl, and open space.
  • To craft a dragon egg, click on the space once the process has been completed. After you have done this correctly, you should be able to see a black dragon egg in your inventory. That is not the end of the process, however.
  • You must place the black dragon egg inside your ender chest on top of one of the obsidian blocks and wait for it to hatch (this generally takes about five minutes). Once the hatching is complete, there will be a bit of smoke coming from the chest, and two dragon wings will be visible on one side of the chest. The dragon will be able to fly with these wings. Press the right-click button to fly. In order to ascend higher or avoid enemies, press shift while flying.
  • Land by stopping holding the right-click and pressing it again after a second. After landing, the dragon will increase its height.

How To Hatch A Dragon Egg On Creative Mode?

There isn’t an easy way to hatch dragon eggs in creative mode. You can use this method by killing enough mobs until another one appears. However, with everything already unlocked, this would probably not be worth your time, since it could take a while. Thus, my recommendation is either A) to play inaccessible mode so you can smash blocks with your fist, or B) to play in normal mode and use a chest minecart glitch to find an ender chest or spawn mobs. You can do either one, but if your computer is good, A takes less time than B. I’ve used these two, but there are many other ways as well. 

1. Craft It

A dragon egg in a pocket edition can be hatched most easily by crafting it, but there are still other ways too! It’s a pity I haven’t tried them all, so I’m looking for your help here. If you know of any other method to hatch a dragon egg on Pocket Edition, please let me know in a comment!

2. Use A Mob Spanner

It is also possible to remove ceilings by finding a mob spawner and destroying the blocks above it. Placing a torch where the roof once stood and a chest atop the spawner will make it appear like the roof is gone. Imagine it as follows: 

You will respawn these mobs in the chest if you kill every mob inside the spawner. This means you kill the mob, but it doesn’t despawn, because you’ve placed a torch up where the ceiling used to be! If you have collected a certain number of eggs, try to break the spawner, so that it will no longer spawn mobs.

How To Hatch The Ender Dragon Egg 

There is no hatching of Ender Dragon eggs. Instead, summoning it would be much easier if you used an eye of ender and a piece of bedrock (which is much cheaper). After that, control it as you normally would!  You can also let me know how to hatch Nether Dragon eggs on PE by simply commenting below.

How To Hatch The Ender Dragon Egg In Minecraft Without Mods  

However, only the first method is certain, and the second is a possibility. If you have a different version of Minecraft, the second method may not work for you. I’ll start by describing the first method: 

In the first case, the process is quite straightforward. It only takes the place of a regular dragon egg atop an obsidian block (you can use any other solid block as long as it’s made of obsidian) and a regular chest on top of it. Within about five minutes, you should receive the following notification: “Your black dragon egg vibrates for a moment when you see that it has successfully hatched!

I know of no other method that works every time, so it is worth spending a few minutes crafting a chest and an obsidian block. If this method does not work for you, there is another way you can try. You may have to take a little more time: 

How To Hatch The Ender Dragon Egg On Creative?

It’s the same way as above, except you’ll need an eye of ender instead of a chest to hatch your Ender Dragon egg on creative mode. There is also an easy way to hatch your first egg if you have access to command blocks! Start by creating a command block containing the following command:

/summon EnderDragon ~0 ~1 ~0 

Simply place a regular chest on top of the dragon, and within five minutes an egg will be laid!

Because you will be using a command block, no blocks should be placed on the ground.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a nether dragon in Minecraft?

Nether Dragons are serpentine-cuboid dragons found in the Nether. Initially, the Nether Dragon is imprisoned in an impenetrable bedrock prison, within a Nether Fortress. Its boss battle starts once it is released from its bedrock prison.

How do you spawn Ender Dragon?

Finding the Final Portal is the first step to reviving the Ender Dragon. The final portal is located at the end of the game. To access it, gather 3 end crystals and place them around the portal. Then gather three end crystals and place them around the portal (as shown below). Place the fourth crystal. The Ender Dragon respawns.

What happens if you beat the Ender Dragon 20 times?

The Ender Dragon must be defeated 20 times in order to get a steed with wings. When you return to the overworld after defeating the ender dragon, you will find your reward. It’s like riding elytra when you jump off a cliff and fly the thing.


It is impossible to hatch a Dragon Egg in the vanilla game if you’re in the overworld of Minecraft. Those who kill the Ender Dragon are rewarded with this trophy. But mods have the power to change anything.

As of yet, we’ve only seen mods that add a baby ender dragon, so if you’re looking for one, have a look at the Baby Ender Dragons Addon by Editor. By installing this mod, players can tame a Baby Ender Dragon from caves. 

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