How to Make a Composter in Minecraft?

If you’re a player who enjoys a lot of farming and gardening, you need to learn How To Make A Composter In Minecraft. A certain item in the game can help shorten the time it takes plants to fully grow and produce yield, just as it takes plants a long time to grow in real life. I’m referring to Bone Meal here, which is a type of fertilizer that was only available through Skeletons’ droppings until recently. Players now have another way to procure Bone Meal thanks to the relatively new Composter. With the advent of this item, it is now easier than ever to obtain a steady supply. The new raw materials take some time and effort to gather, but it is far more convenient and appealing than going out at night searching for Skeletons. We’ll explain how to create this item in this Minecraft Composer guide. You will also learn how to automate the production of Bone Meal, which allows you to walk away from the situation and let the game handle the work for you.

How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

Can You Craft Composters?

With some understanding of its crafting recipe, you can make composters in Minecraft. Composters are an unnoticed feature in the game. Yet, they provide you with a lot of benefits. Creating a composter is the first step toward reaping its benefits. In Minecraft, you can quickly and easily make one.  Composters in Minecraft can be constructed from seven pieces of wood or wooden slabs. For making a composter, you will need this main ingredient. If you don’t keep these wooden planks on hand, you won’t be able to craft.

Materials Needed For Making A Composter 

In order to make a composter in Minecraft, you’ll need these items.

  1. Three-by-three crafting table
  2. A wooden slab with seven sides

Any type of wood can be used. You can use any wood that you have in your inventory to replace the wooden slabs. These types of wood are also available. 

  • Wood slabs made from Acacia 
  • Lumber from the jungle 
  • Wood slabs made of dark oak 
  • Slabs of blood-red

Where To Find Materials To Make A Composter In Minecraft?

By using the composter, your gameplay will be more efficient and effective. Additionally, you will experience faster gameplay. A composter can be made, but first, you must find the necessary materials. A wooden slab can be found in the forest biome, the jungle biome, or the woodland biome. You will need to find a specific type of wood in its specific location if you want to use that type of wood. You will have to go to the dark forest biomes if you want to make a composter with dark oak wood, as dark oak wood usually occurs there.

Make A Composter In Minecraft

The gameplay in Minecraft allows players to create amazing things. It allows players to create objects of great value. Composters are items that players can make in their gaming universe. What’s the process for crafting one in Minecraft? Check out this article. In Minecraft, a composter requires a single type of raw material. Those raw materials are wooden slabs or chunks of wood. The wood that you choose depends on your composter’s purpose. The following are the main steps to creating a composter in Minecraft. Find out more about how to build one.

1. Collect the raw materials

The most important thing you will need to do first is collect the raw materials for your composter. Seven wooden slabs will be needed to construct your composter. If you do not have access to the wooden slabs, you can also find a few pieces of wood. From one piece of wood, you can make four wooden planks or slabs. Composters can also be built with oak logs. 

2. Navigate to the crafting menu

Your composter will need to be finished after you have collected the wooden slabs. Once it is finished, open up your crafting table. Therefore, there will be a crafting grid of 3×3. 

3. Combine all of your ingredients in your crafting table

All seven wooden slabs must be placed in all seven boxes on your crafting grid. Your crafting grid should be left with no boxes in the middle of the first and second rows. You can get your desired composter by putting the slabs in their exact positions. The pattern you get will be U-shaped. This will result in the composter that you want. 

4. Add the composter to your inventory

Your composter needs to be in your inventory now. In Minecraft, you have created a composter. You won’t waste time crafting this recipe as the crafted item is necessary to get bonemeal in Minecraft.

How Do You Make A Simple Compost Bin?

The player of Minecraft can create a compost bin in which they can dispose of food that is no longer needed. In Minecraft, you can create a compost bin that is priceless. You can use the compost bin to keep your world clean and free of dirt in Minecraft. This is also where you can make compost in Minecraft. The natural process of composting turns food wastes and other household wastes into valuable products.

1. Find a suitable location

To start composting, you need to find a suitable location. A nearby kitchen or garden can also be a good option. Fill the bag with garbage and throw it away.

2. Select a container for your compost

It is best to use a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid when you are making a simple compost bin.

3. Make holes at the bottom of your container

If you want to drill holes in your container, you will have to cut the bottom. Wear safety gloves before drilling. Your container can either have the bottom completely cut off or have many holes drilled into it.

4. Fill the compost bin

On top of the garbage bag, you should put your composter. You need to add organic matter to the compost bin now. In addition, you should secure the top of the bin to keep animals out. Now that you have made a simple compost bin out of Minecraft, you can get rid of leftover foods and plants. Using it will help you to clean up your garden and the surrounding area.

What Can You Put In A Composter In Minecraft? 

Composters can easily be built in Minecraft. Composters can be crafted for very little cost in Minecraft. You can put a lot of items in it once you have finished the construction. In the following list, I list the main items that can go into a composter. Among them are:

  • Flowers on the street
  • Expired seeds
  • Incorporating eggs into compost
  • A variety of crops, grass, and saplings
  • Floral arrangements and carrots 
  • The seeds of the beet 
  • Kelly
  • Fruits that have decomposed 
  • Species of mushrooms 
  • Plantations of sugarcane and vines 
  • The cactus 
  • A baked potato

Recycling the above items is easy if you have a composter. Your composter in Minecraft is not able to compost certain items. Among the items, you cannot compost are bamboo, dead bushes, meat, fish, and poisonous items. Minecraft’s composter will suffer from these problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make a compost bin in Minecraft?

If you want to make a composter in Minecraft, you will need to collect some wooden slabs at your crafting table. Composters are made by arranging seven wooden planks into a 3*3 grid. Put two wooden slabs on each side of the other rows, and three wooden slabs in the last row.

2. What does a Minecraft composter do?

By composting items, bone meal is created in Minecraft.

3. Can you compost leaves in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can compost leaves to produce bonemeal. This is one of the best uses for leaves since there is a 30% chance of increasing compost levels.

4. What can u put in a composter Minecraft?

Composter in Minecraft: what you can do with it. Composter bins can be filled with a variety of plant materials such as flowers, carrots, saplings, tall grass, and leaves to produce bone meal. By adding plant materials to the composter, the level will rise. As soon as it does, it will drop a piece of bone meal.

5. Where do you put the composter in Minecraft?

You can’t throw Bamboo, Poisonous Potatoes, Dead Bushes, meat, or fish into a Composter (as well as things like lava or ores) also place a Composter on top of a Hopper to funnel out the Bone Meal into a chest for you, if you so desire.

6. Can you put kelp in a composter Minecraft?

The organic level of the compost can be raised by 1 if you put kelp into the new composter. By utilizing Kelp, composter levels can now be increased by one-third. Kelp can now be purchased from wandering traders. Growing kelp with the bone meal is now possible.


Composters are very simple to make. There’s no reason not to have one since the resources are readily available. When you break down a composter, you get nothing, which also means you do not get your slabs back, although slabs are easily obtained. Though not everything can be recycled, you should familiarize yourself with what can and cannot be disposed of in a composter.

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