How To Make A Lectern In Minecraft?

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to make a lectern in Minecraft and use it in your game. Besides being used as a job site block for librarians, a lectern can hold books that can be read by multiple players in multiplayer mode and emit Redstone signals.

In Minecraft, podiums are job blocks. In addition to holding books, they can also be used as furniture. You can craft a lectern easily, and you can use it as a podium or for a room’s decor. Making a lectern is also necessary if you want a villager to become a librarian. A specific enchanted book can be found this way.

How To Make A Lectern In Minecraft

What is a Lectern?

In Minecraft’s multiplayer mode, you can place multiple books on a lectern to be viewed by other players. Alternatively, you can use it as a piece of furniture in which to display a book and a quill. When a right-click is performed on the lectern and the book is turned, a red stone pulse will also be released.

Required Materials for Lectern in Minecraft

There are four wooden slats


The Craft Table

Steps To Make A Minecraft Lectern

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

Open your crafting menu in Minecraft before you can craft a lectern.

2. Add The Bookshelf and Wooden Slabs To The Menu

Adding the bookshelf and wooden slabs to the crafting table grid will help you craft better items. Various types of wood slabs can be used, such as oak, dark oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, crimson, or warped slabs.

To complete the grid, add the items in exactly the same way as shown in the image below. First, place three wooden slabs in the first row. Add one bookshelf to the middlebox in the 2nd row. Placing a wood slab in the middle of the third row will complete the project. I’m going to show you how to make a Minecraft lectern.

You’ll notice a lectern in the box on the right of the crafting grid after adding the items described above.

3. Move The Lectern To Your Inventory

The lectern will now appear in your inventory, ready to be used.

Now you’re done! Your lectern is ready! Lecterns are used as job site blocks for librarians, and libraries, and as bookshelves in multiplayer mode. They emit a Redstone signal when powered on. You can see them in action in the video above.

Minecraft Lectern Command

A lectern can also be made in Minecraft by using a Give Command. Here are the editions that offer the lectern command:

Use the following command in Minecraft’s chat window to run the lectern command. Please note that the command depends on the version of Minecraft that you are using.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher lectern command

/give @p lectern 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition

/give @p lectern 1 0

Uses of A Lectern In Minecraft

Reading certain kinds of books is the main function of a Lectern. The book and quill or the written book must first be placed on the lectern. The Lectern will display an open book once you do this. While you can interact with the book as normal in this state, other humans will also have the option to read along with you. The Lectern is thus the ideal item for allowing more than one player to read the same book at the same time. Lecterns aren’t equipped with the capability to open regular books or enchanted books; this makes them useless for reading.

Using a Lectern to Create Librarian Villagers

In addition to being job site blocks, Lecterns can also be used to recruit libraries, allowing you greater access to books-related trade options. It is best to be pretty pushy in order to convince an unemployed Villager to become a Librarian. You could place the Lectern close to the Villager and barricade yourself inside the house. That should result in the Villager becoming a Librarian in no time.

About Readable Books

An Ink Sac, a Feather, and a regular Book must be combined to make a Book and Quill. The Ink Sac should be placed in the center of a Crafting Table, under which the Feather should be laid. Then, place the Book in the slot to the left of the ink sac. While it is in your hand, you can use your Book and Quill to open it when it is finished. You can use a simple text editor within this item to write inside it.

To create your Written Book, sign the Book and Quill after you have written your document. By creating a Written Book this way, you can designate a title for it to be called after it is created.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a lectern do in Minecraft?

Lecterns are work blocks that librarians use in Minecraft. In addition to holding books, they emit Redstone signals.

2. How do you make a lectern out of a book?

Desks cannot be made out of books. In its place, you will need four wooden plates and a bookcase.

3. How do you use the lectern in Minecraft?

Lecterns are used in Minecraft for holding books and quills. To accomplish this, you only need to have a book and quill in your inventory and click a lectern. It will then display a book similarly to how an enchanted table looks; however, a lectern can be used for more than just holding books.

4. How do you put books on a lectern in Minecraft?

Alternatively, a lectern can hold both a book and quill or written book so that all players are able to read at the same time. An empty one with a book and quill or a written one can be placed by right-clicking it.

5. Can you make a lectern?

Four wooden slabs of any kind are needed to make a lectern. This recipe gives you the flexibility of mixing and matching slabs. The top row of a crafting table should consist of three wooden slabs, followed by a bookshelf in the middle, followed by another wooden slab below it. This will do.


In the same vein, a lectern can easily be made in Minecraft. The Lectern is a job site block in Minecraft that lets players become librarians, keep books, read in multiplayer mode, and emit Redstone signals. In this way, you will be able to use the lectern effectively and quickly with the help of the article.

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