How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

Obsidian blocks are arranged in a rectangular shape that how to create a Nether Portal in Minecraft. The darkest biome in Minecraft would be this. It is filled with disturbing mob sounds. Every turn you make, you hear lava boiling. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Our discussion does not only pertain to one of the Minecraft biomes. You can find no water or food in the Nether, a whole new dimension in Minecraft.

You’ll have to worry about that later. Using Minecraft, you can create a Nether portal to allow you to teleport into this dimension. You can make it in a variety of ways, but let’s focus on the most beginner-friendly one. Both Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock Editions will work with this method. Just because something is easy does not mean it has to be fast. Now that we have learned how to make a Nether portal in Minecraft, let’s move forward.

how to make a nether portal in minecraft

What is a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

. We can only get to the Nether dimension of Minecraft by using this method. There are many monsters, biomes, and loot in this scary and dangerous dimension. Resources can be collected, mobs defeated, or materials needed for tools and structures can be obtained there.

Minecraft has two main portals: the Nether and the Overworld. Another portal leads to the End dimension, which is called an End Portal. An End portal will not work until you have visited the Nether because of its special requirements. You should learn how to construct a Nether portal in Minecraft.

How Does a Nether Portal Work?

We can access the Nether dimension by activating a Nether portal. A Nether portal is created by simply creating one in the Nether dimension. You can spawn in the other dimension from multiple portals within a small area (up to 128 blocks). Nether and overworld are both accessible.

However, keep in mind that in most versions of the game, the Overworld is one-eighth the size of the Nether Realm. The overworld is made up of 8 blocks, so one block in this dimension corresponds to 8 blocks in the overworld. A lot of players take advantage of this fact to speed up their travels in Minecraft. This method involves the creation of many Nether portals, as you might expect. Let’s look at them in more detail.

What is the Minecraft Nether Portal Dimensions?

Nether portals are smallest when they are 4 × 5 blocks. If it is to function, it has to be five blocks high and four blocks wide. In addition, the average largest Nether portal can be 23 blocks high and 23 blocks wide across all modern versions of Minecraft. There are several ways to create multiple portals side by side to give the illusion of a supersize Nether portal (see below).

Materials Required How To Make a Nether Portal In Minecraft

There are only two ingredients needed to create a Nether portal and activate it. In Minecraft, you will need these blocks to make a Nether portal:

10 Obsidian Blocks

The hardest block to find naturally, Obsidian is one of the hardest blocks in the game. This only happens when water source blocks and lava source blocks collide. Blocks that start the expansion of lava or water are known as source blocks. Cobblestone will be the only result if the blocks aren’t sourced blocks.

Flint and Steel

A flint and iron tool is as its name implies. Any block can be set on fire with this simple tool. You can also use it to fight mobs. Activating the Nether portal will be accomplished by setting a fire inside the portal.

How to Get Materials to Build Nether Portal in Minecraft

Nether portals require Obsidian blocks as their primary component. When you dig deep enough into the game, you’ll find them more easily. Obtaining Obsidian requires a diamond pickaxe and a bucket, which is not available without a diamond pickaxe and a bucket. First, we need to make the tools.

How to Craft a Diamond Pickaxe and a Bucket

If you mine diamonds, you will not have an easy time finding them. For the best results, dig deep into the bedrock. Don’t forget that a pickaxe or better will be required to mine the diamonds you find. Another option would be to trade with villagers or loot rare chests that contain diamonds.

To craft a diamond pickaxe, you need sticks once you have collected enough diamonds. Any two wooden plank blocks can be crafted into sticks by placing them in the middle column. On a PC, you can press the “E” key to add items to your inventory. Once you have completed this step, you will see a crafting area.

A Diamond Pickaxe can be crafted by combining 2 sticks and 3 diamonds. Right-click on the crafting table, and you will be able to do this task. Placing three diamonds on the crafting area’s top row is the next step. Placing the sticks on both bottom rows of the middle cells will result in a proper design. Your Diamond Pickaxe will be complete. Take it with you.

Our next step is to get the Obsidian blocks. The underground world can be used to mine these blocks, but we have a better solution. First, you need to make three iron blocks into an iron bucket. To do this, you need to use your crafting table in Minecraft.

How to Find or Make Obsidian in Minecraft

Once our lava and water sources are ready, we can begin working on our tools. You should first look for a lava source that has a lot of lava. On the ground, you can find lava ponds or even lavafalls. You can also mine deep underground or in caves to find lava flowing. Finding water nearby becomes relatively easier once you have found the lava source.

As soon as the bucket is equipped, right-click on the lava to collect it and transport it to your water source. Multiple buckets can be used to speed up the process. After you have reached the source of water, right-click on it to drop lava into it. Your diamond pickaxe will be able to mine the Obsidian block. You can watch us demonstrate it in Minecraft creative mode.

Make your Nether portal with 10 Obsidian blocks. There is even a chance of finding naturally occurring Obsidian blocks when lava and water collide.

How to Get Flint & Steel in Minecraft

We now have all the pieces we need for a Nether portal to be built. However, we still need another step before we can learn how to build a Nether portal. Flint and Steel is the next step. The Flint and Steel tool creates fire in Minecraft. The tool is also used for enabling the Nether portal.

This tool is easy to use if you can find steel. To cover the steel part of the tool, you will need a single block of iron. You can only find the flint by mining Gravel blocks because it is a rare and precious material. Every gravel block you mine will give you a 10% chance of obtaining flint. A single piece of flint is all you need to get by.

Combining flint and iron using the following recipe is necessary once you have one piece of flint and one piece of iron. Flint & Steel in Minecraft can be obtained by placing them diagonally in the crafting area as shown below.

Steps to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Currently, you need 10 blocks of Obsidian in your inventory, as well as 10 pieces of Flint & Steel. In addition, you will need four random blocks to complete the structure. Using dirt is the easiest way to find these blocks in Minecraft, so we suggest using it

Locate a nearby location and place two obsidian blocks next to each other. Using your mouse, click the right-click button or secondary action button and then look at the ground to place them. As shown in this screenshot, place dirt or any other block between the obsidian blocks.

Step 4: Place two obsidian blocks over each dirt block that was placed previously. If you want the dirt blocks to look better, you can break them after placing Obsidian blocks. However, that is entirely optional. You will then need to place dirt blocks on either side of the vertical obsidian block pillars. The result should look like this:

You should now place two more Obsidian blocks between the top two dirt blocks. This should create a hollow rectangular window effect for the Minecraft Nether portal.

How to Activate a Nether Portal in Minecraft

We have now finished building your Nether portal, and it is waiting for you to activate it. Right-click on any inner surface of the Obsidian structure with the flint & steel equipped. As a result, a purple liquid-like substance will appear in the middle of the rectangular portal as the Nether portal is activated. When you step into it, you’ll be transported to the Nether Dimension in just a few seconds.

You can also activate the Nether portal using a fire charge. You’ll find them in rare chests throughout the game. In addition, some players have tried setting fire to the portal using lava and flammable blocks, but it has not been reliable. It is perhaps best for beginners to stick to the tried-and-true method of flint and steel.

It is simply a basic version of a Nether portal that we have created. You can use your creativity to personalize it as long as you keep the basic structure and at least 10 obsidian blocks. While others add decorations to it, others increase the size. Minecraft Discord is a great way to join communities, discover creative portal designs, and much more. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of such a portal:

Make your Own Nether Portal In Minecraft

Below you will find all the information you need to create a Nether Portal in Minecraft. Installing Forge in Minecraft will allow you to get mods if you’re looking to take your creativity further. It will still be an exciting experience to enter the dangerous Nether world. In the Nether, there is a high probability of running into mobs and food is scarce. Be prepared by having weapons and food on hand. At the beginning of your Minecraft adventures, a performance boost might be all you need. Installing Optifine in Minecraft will improve graphics and gameplay performance. Create a Nether portal right away by collecting Obsidian and using your newly acquired knowledge.

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