How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft?

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to make a water elevator in Minecraft.  It is extremely addictive to play the game Minecraft. Because you can build almost anything according to your imagination, it attracts a lot of people. This will require a great deal of movement in the game. It is very time-consuming to get up and down if you don’t use speed hacks or mods. Professional players, therefore, build water elevators. However, how would one be crafted, and what would it entail?

The first step is to build an elevator shaft that goes up or down using building blocks at the location of your choosing. There needs to be an opening in the middle of the blocks. After the structure reaches your desired height, put water blocks into the spaces between the blocks. Soul sand or magma should be the bottom-most block (to go up). Everyone in Minecraft loves to build stuff. You may worry, however, about mobs disrupting your gameplay in the Survival mode. Therefore, if you want to avoid such mobs, a water elevator will be quicker than any other method. That’s why I will explain how to build one. Keep reading to learn more. This guide describes an elevator that uses water to move you upwards and downwards. There is no need to worry because our method will disperse air bubbles as you ride. Here is how to create a water elevator in Minecraft. We all don’t want to run up and down stairs all day long.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Required Materials to Build a Water Elevator in Minecraft

In order to build a Water Elevator in Minecraft, you will need the following items:

1. Building Block

A building block is essential to the construction of a water elevator. As a result of their aesthetic appearance, Glass blocks can also be used. If you want to craft the elevator walls with any building block, you can do so.

2. Wooden Door

At the entrance to the Water Elevator, you must use the Spruce Door. It is not necessary to use one, however. The Spruce Door is purely decorative and not necessary.

3. Kelp

It is required to use Kelp in the bottom water block of the elevator before using magma or soul sand blocks as it turns the water blocks into a water source.

4. Water Bucket

It fills the elevator up with water from the source. Once the building blocks are in place, you use them to fill up the elevator.

5. Signs

The oak signs should be placed on either side of the entrance to stop the water from flowing. In addition, they will prevent water from leaking from the water block.

6. Magma Block

Water flows down from the magma block when it’s used. Magma blocks help create a downward water elevator by providing a downward force.

7. Soul Sand Block

A ‘upward’ water elevator is crafted using Soul Sand blocks. By using them as the base of a water elevator, you create an upward flow of water.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft?

Let’s now talk about how to make a water elevator in Minecraft. Now that we know what is needed, let’s move on.

1. Find The Perfect Location

In order to build the elevator, you should find a suitable location first. Elevators are mainly used by professional players to get to the upper floors of their created buildings. Therefore, your elevator should be located in a place where all the desired locations are easily accessible.

2. Building The Outer Structure

Once you have found a good location, build the outer structure of the elevator using any of the building blocks you like. Three blocks should conjoin, like three sides of a square with an empty space in the middle. The higher your elevator is, the more stacks you need. Like building blocks, you can use glass if you want your elevator to look aesthetically pleasing.

3. Fixing The Door In Elevator

When you’ve stacked the set of three blocks high enough to meet your needs, return to the bottom of the elevator. Make the wooden entry door on the open side of the 3-block structure a perfect square with four sides so the elevator’s lowermost unit becomes a perfect square.  Building blocks should now be stacked upon the wooden door up to the height of the elevator, leaving a space in the center. 

4. Fill The Elevator With Water

Until now, you have built the structure for the elevator at the top of the building. The buckets of water can be used to fill the center space until it reaches the elevator’s base.

5. Use Kelp To Convert To Water Source Blocks

Using the kelp in all the water blocks, you can turn them into source blocks once you have filled the entire center space with water blocks.

6. Create An Upward Elevator

Start at the base of your elevator structure if you want to build an upward elevator. In the next step, break the kelp and make the elevator’s base a soul sand block. You will need to walk through the elevator entrance to get to the top.

7. Create A Downward Elevator

In place of the Soul Sand block, use a Magma block to create a downward water elevator. As you enter from the top, the elevator will pull you down.

Key takeaways

  • Magma pulls everything down, so long as it falls beneath an above-ground water source. This is the best way to bring everything down.
  • The opposite is true of a soul sandbox. Hence, they can be used to build upward elevators as they propel anything in water upwards.
  • Using Kelp, you can turn water blocks into source blocks. Once this is done, remove the blocks.
  • It’s more of a swarm of overflowing blockers. This allows you to walk on water from the entrance because it prevents water from flowing out.
  • When the elevators look like flower petals with rudimentary flower shapes between them, you’ve done the job right.

How to Make Water Elevator using Soul Sand in Minecraft

You will need a few items in order to construct a Water Elevator in Minecraft, which are:

  • With three iron bars, you can make an iron bucket. Filling the water required by the Water Elevator requires this.
  • To prevent falling off the elevator, blocks are needed for the sidewalls of the elevator. Any blocks will do.
  • This block is found in the Nether region and allows you to move upward in the elevator with ease.
  • Located in the Nether region, this block allows you to move down in the elevator.
  • It is necessary to place two signs on the sides of the Soul and Magma blocks to prevent the water from flowing outside of the elevator track.

Another Simple Guide

The following step-by-step guide will show you how to build a Water Elevator using Soul Sand in Minecraft once you have all the ingredients.

  1. Create a column by using your building blocks. One block is surrounded by only one space going upward, with a single space going sideways and backward)
  2. Insert the Soul Sand block one block below the center of your column.
    Place the two signs at either end of the walkway.
  3. Put the water on the soul and as you stand on top of the elevator.
    You have created the Water Elevator successfully if the water starts moving up along with bubbles.
  4. You can step inside of the stream to reach the top of the building, where the elevator has already been created.

The elevator must also be equipped with water sources in every room in order to operate properly. But not only do you need a column to go up, but you also need one to come down. Hence, you should create a second column below this one to come down. You need to use the Magma block this time rather than the Soul Sand, so it’s the same process. If you use the Magma block to come down the elevator, you will receive minor damage, which you will be able to recover once you reach the ground.

There you have it! Now you know how to use Soul Sand to make a Water Elevator in Minecraft.

How To Make Water Source Blocks

Making water source blocks can be done in a number of ways. A water source can be placed by using infinite water and buckets, which is one of the oldest methods. Many generations have used this method.

Creating Infinite Water Source

  1. Put a water source diagonally in a 1 block wide and 2 blocks deep hole, as shown in the image below.
  2. The water will stop flowing when those two water sources are placed diagonally and you will have an endless source of water. Grab buckets full of water and enjoy!

Using Kelp

Making water source blocks with Kelp is another way to do it. In the Aquatic Update, Kelp was also described, so this method is not that new. The player does not have to worry about its availability since it exists in abundance in any ocean.

If Kelp is placed in flowing water, it will turn that flowing water into a water source, and it can then be removed after the flowing water has become a water source. Minecraft players have adopted this method for making water elevators because it can be highly effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of elevators are there in Minecraft?

The bubble elevator, also known as a water elevator, and the Redstone elevator are available in Minecraft.

How high can the elevator be?

A bubble elevator can be as high as you want due to the soul sand and magma block at the bottom.


You should now understand the basic steps on how to make a water elevator in Minecraft after reading this guide. Elevators are a great way to travel up and down. The elevator can take you down in seconds if you created a secret base. As opposed to a ladder that can take you minutes to climb, or a minecart that might indicate your position. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have about making a water elevator in Minecraft in the comments section.

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