How To Make Green Dye In Minecraft?

The dyes that can be created in Minecraft are many and varied. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make Green Dye in Minecraft and how you can use it in various ways. You can choose between 16 different dyes in Minecraft. There are many uses for them. Cosmetic effects are the most common use of these products. There are some dyes available, such as green dye, which is not available in flowers. For green dye, cacti must be harvested and smelted. 

Minecraft is primarily about building. The building will always be a part of what you do, whether you prefer exploring mineshafts, hunting for shipwrecks, or just trying to reach The End to kill a dragon. Minecraft offers different types of blocks to build with, which is why many people play the game to build things. In Minecraft, players can make green dyes in a variety of ways. An item of this type can be made instead of using a crafting table by using a furnace. Let’s see how a green dye can be made in Minecraft using only a few steps.

How To Make Green Dye In Minecraft

Required Materials to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

  1. The cactus
  2. The furnace
  3. Choosing the right fuel for your furnace

A cactus must be smelted in a furnace to produce green dye. As a matter of course, in order to smelt, you’re going to need a furnace, and you’re going to need the fuel of some sort to cook the cactus. It takes 8 cobblestones to build the furnace, and you can use coal, charcoal, any wooden item, or any plant item to fuel it. You will receive one green dye from every cactus you smell. The number of dyes you receive is up to you.

Where to Find Cactus

Desert biomes are home to the majority of cactus species, however, some are also found in Badlands. Cactuses grow more frequently in Deserts than in Badlands, where they generate almost twice as frequently. Moreover, you can find potted cactuses in igloos or desert villages. You can interact with a Potted Cactus to get some Cactus blocks since it’s just a normal Cactus in a pot. You can now start a farm by planting a new Cactus back at your base using each block.

Check chests in houses if you’re exploring a Desert Village, as cactus blocks are likely to be found there. Last but not least, you can also buy Cactus blocks for 3 Emeralds each from Wandering Merchants. It’s an expensive trade, so unless you need Cactus blocks desperately, don’t bother.

How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft Java

You can’t combine this dye with other dyes because it is a primary dye. A green dye can be made easily in Minecraft Java Edition. To create a green dye in Minecraft, cactus is a key ingredient. Cactus has a green color, and you can use it to make a dye to paint your items. This dye does not require a lot of time and effort on your part. If you know what you’re doing, you can make it quickly. Making green dye in Minecraft Java Edition is easy with the following steps.

1. Mine the cactus blocks

In order to decorate your Minecraft world with cactus blocks, you must first find them. It is possible to find them in the desert biome, the forest biome, and the nearby villages. Depending on the amount of green dye you wish to make, it may be better to mine cactus blocks. The green dye can also be made using cactus blocks and a furnace.

2. Bring the collected items to your working area. 

You need to bring the cactus blocks near your working area after you have mined the blocks. Making your green dye in a streamlined manner requires this step.

3. Open your workbench 

As a next step, arrange a suitable workspace where you can make your green dye.

4. Add the items 

The cactus blocks are now placed in the furnace at their exact positions. The top box of the furnace can house them. The bottom box can contain fuel. There are no restrictions.

5. Let the flames work

Your green dye must now be cooked in the furnace by the flames.

6. Obtaining green dye

We need a few minutes to process your request. Your working bench will display a pop-up after a short while. Your green dye appears in the pop-up. The cactus block you successfully melted in a furnace yielded one green dye.

7. Transfer it to your inventory 

Transfer your dye from your working area into your Minecraft inventory slot if you wish to use it during gameplay. There are many uses for this dye in the game.

How To Make Green Dye In Minecraft Bedrock

A green dye can be made for tools and weapons in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Let’s take a look at how to make a green dye easily and quickly. 

  1. Make your dye by collecting cactus blocks. Using any of your tools, you can easily break the cactus block. Your hands will also suffice to do the same.
  2. Once you have accessed your furnace menu, you can load it by opening the furnace.
  3. Any fuel can be put in the lower box of the furnace at this point. Depending on what is available and your preference, you can use any fuel here. 
  4. Your furnace’s upper box can now be filled with the cactus block. The green dye will then be applied.
  5. Your dye will appear instantly in the box on the right. 
  6. Make sure this dye is in your inventory. That’s how you can make your Bedrock Edition’s green dye in Minecraft successfully and quickly.  

How To Make Lime Green Dye In Minecraft 

Minecraft’s lime green dye has become one of its most prized pigments. This pigment is almost primal. Making lime green dye from primary dyes can be accomplished in your crafting grid by mixing two primary dyes together. Learn how you can make a lime green dye in Minecraft by continuing to read.

  1. The first step is to search for cacti in desert biomes. 
  2. To get bones, kill a skeleton.
  3. In addition, you’ll need a cutting tool to work with the cactus blocks.
  4. Cactus blocks can be smelted into green dye in a furnace. 
  5. Now you must make a bone meal so that you can obtain the white dye. 
  6. Craft an area of 3*3 using a crafting square.
  7. The adjacent boxes in your crafting square should be dyed white and green.
  8. The top right corner of your working area will ensure that your lime-green dye is at that spot. 
  9. Your inventory slot should now contain lime green dye.

That’s it, you now have a lime green dye that you can use for your gameplay. A sea pickle can be substituted for the cacti in the recipe above to make a lime green dye. It’s up to you.

Best ways to use a Green Dye in Minecraft

The green dye in Minecraft is one of the dyes you can make. In Minecraft, you can obtain many valuable items by preparing this dye. Among these benefits are:

1. Used to craft green leather tunic

By dyeing green leather, you can make a tunic. All you need to do is kill eight cows in order to collect the leather. To mine the cactus blocks in your world, you will also need to kill eight cows. The cactus green dye can be made by heating cactus blocks in a furnace. You can now dye a leather tunic green to make it look like a green leather tunic.

2. Used to give green color to your tools and items

The dye in Minecraft Bedrock can be used for leather armors, beds, carpets, and shulker pieces.

3. Used to add beautiful patterns to your banners 

Your banners will look more attractive if you use green dye. Your text will also look more attractive with a green tint. Many players in your Minecraft world will also notice the green color. 

4. Used to obtain building blocks

The green wool from your sheep and wolves can be quickly sheared to produce blocks of green wool. The result is three blocks per sheared wool.

5. Color of nature and life

Nature and life are the roots of the color green. The color green represents life. Your Minecraft world will appear more vibrant and fresh when you use this dye.

6. Used to make green balloons and glow sticks

You can use this dye to make green balloons by mixing it with other ingredients. Your mobs can be kept at a distance by using these balloons. If you tie a balloon around your enemy, the high air pressure will force them to flee from you. The dye is also useful for making glow sticks.

7. Used to dye the collars and wool of your animals

It’s great to use this dye for painting your animals. Wool from sheep or wolves can be dyed with it. Your tamed cats‘ collars can also be dyed with this product.

Aside from the uses mentioned above, you can also benefit from this dye in many other ways.

  • The green concrete powder is used for this purpose
  • A firework star is created using this 
  • A fade-to-color effect is used to make your fireworks stars stand out 
  • Beds and glass were dyed with this 
  • Green glass panes are used to decorate your house

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cactus the Only Way to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

As another option, you can loot desert village chests or trade with a wandering trader to obtain green dye. There are other methods to obtain green dye than smelting cactus, but neither of them is very consistent. Cactus is the easiest to smelt, so make sure to loot deserts instead of desert villages or hope a wandering trader will offer the green dye.

How do you Get Lime Green Dye in Minecraft?

The white dye can be mixed with green dye to create the lime green dye, or a pickle can be placed in your furnace to make sea-green dye. The dye produced by smelting a sea pickle is similar to the one produced by smelting cactus. If you can bone meal sea pickles, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them and growing them indefinitely.

What is the Rarest Dye in Minecraft?

The magenta dye requires more steps than any other dye, but no dye is much harder to find than others. Obtaining magenta dye isn’t the most difficult, since it’s simply a matter of finding blue and red, and combining the resulting purple with pink (combining red and white). The process of crafting magenta requires another step, so perhaps it’s the hardest, but it’s not too difficult. On the other hand, brown is the rarest dye, since it comes from cocoa beans, and jungles tend to be relatively uncommon.


Thanks to this tutorial, you now know how to make green dye in Minecraft. You also know what you can do with green dye. Almost every green dye application in Minecraft fits one of the 16 available options, so there is a lot of variety. You can determine what options are available to you by understanding what blocks can be dyed. There are a lot of color combinations you can accomplish, from stained glass to dyeing the sheets of your bed.

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