How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

With our easy-to-follow guide, you will learn how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft! You’ll learn how to create Smooth Stone step-by-step in the game. It is used as a decorative material and is also used in certain recipes as a crafting ingredient. As well as Smooth Stone Slabs, you’ll also learn how to make them! Smooth Stone is useful for creating immaculate, cool Minecraft houses, or for creating clean edges on your Minecraft castle.

We are able to help, and we even wish to help, which is a good thing. We can show you how to make smooth stones in Minecraft without even requiring you to possess anyone like in Ghost. The art of making Smooth Stone in Minecraft is an ancient art, so let us guide you through this journey. Different types of stone building blocks can be harvested in Minecraft, and the materials can be further refined into smooth stone. You can find cobblestone fairly easily with early game equipment, and this is the most common type of stone. This guide shows you how to make smooth stones in Minecraft, including what items you need to make them.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

Make Minecraft Smooth Stone

The first thing we need to do is teach you how to make Smooth Stone before we go into the details of what you can do with it. You can create Smooth Stone without knowledge of arcane magic or using magical tools. Most of what you need can be found lying around almost anywhere, so there is no need to purchase Minecraft seeds. In order to make the smooth stones in Minecraft, you are going to need three things.  First, you need Stone. Next, you need coal. We will go through each one step by step.

Get Cobblestone

The most common stone you can obtain anytime is cobblestone, as we explained above.  This stone is needed for a number of purposes. Here is the stone that will be used to make a furnace. The second is the stone that will be refined into a smooth stone.

Get Coal

A furnace in Minecraft runs on coal, so you’ll need that for it to function. In stone areas, you can find plenty of coal. You can find coal by looking for blocks with black specks.

Build the Furnace

From the crafting menu, use 8 Cobblestone blocks to build the Furnace.  To craft the furnace, all blocks except the middle one must be filled.

Use Furnace to Turn Cobblestone into Stone

You’re going to need fuel once you’ve built your furnace. We will use the coal that we found above and put it into the furnace’s bottom slot since coal is a great source of energy for the furnace and it’s abundant. Your left-over Cobblestone should go in the top slot. The flames will be visible once both items are placed in the furnace and this signifies the Cobblestone is being converted into Stone.

Use Furnace Again to Turn Stone into Smooth Stone

It takes a step further to get Smooth Stone and you have to repeat the exact same steps.  The Stone you create with your first run in the furnace will become Smooth Stone when you add coal to it.

Minecraft Smooth Stone Used For?

Smooth Stone is used for two primary purposes. Firstly, it can be used to build a blast furnace in Minecraft. In essence, a blast furnace is a later-model furnace. You can smelt ore, armor, and work twice as fast with it, but it only gives you half the experience. Villagers can also become armorers by using the job block. Five Iron Ingots, one Furnace, and three Smooth Stone are needed to create a Blast Furnace. Only Smooth Stone Slabs can be crafted using Smooth Stone. Another use is for ornamentation, but we really, really love ornamentation. The block is sleek, and you can use it to build a home or a Minecraft mansion. In addition, it is so simple to construct that it is a lot more accessible than trying to build a house out of iron or gold. As a feature wall, or as a way to identify how many paths you’ve walked down in mines, it could even be used.

The Minecraft recipe for Smooth Stone Slabs can be found by placing three Smooth Stone blocks in the middle row of the crafting grid. Making six Smooth Stone Slabs will result in your build.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with the smooth stone?

As a building block, smooth stone can be used on its own, or it can be used in two different recipes for crafting.

A blast furnace is created from smooth stone, iron ingots, and a furnace. These 3 components are used to create the game’s fastest smelting device at this time. You can also create smooth stone slabs by placing three smooth stones on a crafting table in a row. Players often use these blocks for decoration.

Where To Find Smooth Stone?

In Minecraft villages, Smooth Stone spawns naturally. Any pickaxe will work to pick them up. If you want less than six Smooth Stone Slabs, then you can use a Stonecutter block instead of a Crafting Table. By using these Smooth Stone recipes, we hope your Minecraft builds gain some style and utility in their appearance and functionality.


Minecraft now allows you to craft smooth stones. These stones are not very useful. Smooth stone is generally used for aesthetic purposes and for building smooth stone staircases. Because it has a smooth texture and glossy finish, it looks better.

The smooth stone looks more attractive if you use third-party shaders and textures. Technically, I see no benefit other than creating a blast furnace. Mines and crafts offer flashy stones. Nevertheless, we must make do with what we have. The Yousmooth stone can finally be crafted in Minecraft with a furnace.

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