How to Turn on Coordinates in Minecraft

The following guide explains how to turn on coordinates in Minecraft. Our Minecraft guides provide step-by-step instructions for showing coordinates. The generated worlds in Minecraft provide players with endless exploration opportunities. Thousands of blocks can be dug beneath you, and skyscrapers can be built.

Every pro has a con, however. Exploration in Minecraft has some limitations, including the fact that there is no map system unless you use mods. It’s true that treasure maps are included along with the adventures, but they aren’t really useful for anything else. Playing multiplayer can be particularly frustrating when this happens.

Minecraft players have been saving time by using one mechanic for years now: coordinates. Players can specify where they are in the game world or where certain objects are located. It’s as simple as it gets when it comes to Minecraft’s coordinates. The coordinates identify an alignment with the origin point. Players have greatly benefited from the fact that each game world has one universal origin point.

Why Would You Need Minecraft World Coordinates?

Minecraft has an expansive world. As the world is generated randomly while the player is traveling, technically it is nearly infinite (at least in Bedrock Edition).  It is possible to walk on a lot of ground, but you can also dive beneath the ground, or fly above it.

In the Minecraft world, there are a number of interesting points, from spawn points (where you spawn when you start the game) to villages to mansions, ruined portals, and desert temples to name a few. Making notes of these points of interest is one of the most useful things Minecraft players can do with coordinates.

Minecraft enthusiasts have created many impressive examples of realistic objects in the game. Unfortunately, without correct coordinates in the Minecraft world, it would be impossible to plan and execute these actions. Let’s take the example of building a pirate ship. Using commands, for example, you can build a small-scale item by counting your cubes and assembling your house. You’ll find it very difficult to plan a project as big as a sailing ship without the coordinates. Unfortunately, Minecraft doesn’t come with them by default. It must be enabled to see them.

Understanding Minecraft Coordinates

X, Y, and Z are the coordinates of Minecraft’s three-dimensional world. The following three methods allow you to pinpoint an item or block’s exact location in Minecraft. Here are the coordinates that each method determines.

The X coordinate determines your East/West position on the map

By default, a positive value indicates a location east of the center of the map. An opposite value indicates a location west of the center of the map.

The Y coordinate determines your vertical position on the map

Positive values will increase as you go up. On the other hand, the value decreases as you get closer to bedrock.  When you are at sea, Y=64.

The Z coordinate determines your South/North map position

You will see a positive value increase as you move south. You will see a negative value increase when you move north.

Two types of coordinate positions

The absolute coordinate represents a specific location in Minecraft

65, 239, and 54 represent the coordinates of a specific location that is 65 blocks east of the central point of the map, 239 blocks above sea level, and 54 blocks south.

The relative coordinate represents the distance from a particular location in Minecraft

The format is indicated by the tilde symbol (*). The numbers like “*3, *1, *2” refer to a position 3 blocks east of where you are now, 1 block upward, and 2 blocks south of where you are now.

Finding Your XYZ Coordinates

Depending on whether you’re playing the Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft, there are different methods available to find out your current coordinates.

How to Get XYZ and Block Coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

When playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10/11, macOS, or Linux, it is extremely simple to find out your current coordinates. Follow these steps.

  1. Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  2. “Game” will appear.
  3. You can toggle on “Show Coordinates” by scrolling down.

Until you turn off this feature, your current coordinates are shown in the top left corner. Navigation and commands are incredibly useful as they change as you move.

How to Get XYZ and Block Coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition

The Java Edition of Minecraft does not have a built-in setting for displaying just your coordinates, as there is in Bedrock. Although, it is still quite easy to find your current coordinates whenever you need them. Follow these steps.

  1. The Minecraft Java game can be started by pressing F3 on Windows or FN + F3 on Mac. This will display the “Debug Screen”, which contains information about the game world.
  2. Sections with the heading “XYZ:” and “Block” are important. There will be a display of your location (where you are standing), such as “XYZ: 77.100 / 72.00000 / -205.344,” as well as where you are standing, such as “Block: 77 72 -206.”
  3. When using coordinates, stand on the block that will be used for the command, and then look at the “Block” coordinates (location of the world block) in the “Debug Screen.” Chunk coordinates are also listed, but they aren’t applicable.

Uses for Minecraft Coordinates

Minecraft uses coordinates for a variety of purposes. What is the significance of Minecraft World Coordinates? It is described above briefly why you need them, but in this section, we explain their most common uses.

Common uses for coordinates in Minecraft include the following:

  • Transform into another location with a teleporter.
  • Place copies of the blocks in other locations.
  • Put a block or item in a specific place.
  • Based on the coordinates, you can view areas of the world.
  • Identify specific world points of interest to be teleported to.
  • Create specific areas for entities.
  • Decide where you want to warp.
  • Connect one location with another through portals.
  • Duplicating buildings and other sections of the world can be done using structure blocks.
  • In the same world, you can share specific areas.

It is very easy to construct a large object with coordinates, and you can also establish points of interest for yourself or other players using coordinates. There is also the risk of getting lost in Minecraft, so trying to find your way back to a point of interest without knowing the coordinates can be a nightmare. You’ll also find it difficult to find your way back if you respawn without knowing the coordinates of a specific area.

Furthermore, coordinates are used when sharing level seeds to point out where things can be found. YouTubers who stream Minecraft often or those who do tutorials will appreciate this feature.

Teleportation also relies on coordinates. When you are trying to zip from A to B without searching for it, they can assist you. They may also be needed when building portals between areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

On what coordinates are diamonds found?

Between layers 5 and 12, diamonds occur most frequently between Y-coordinates 5 and 16. When you open a map (console or PE), you will be able to check your Y-coordinates, or press F3 (PC) or Alt + Fn + F3 (Mac).

What level do diamonds spawn?

Diamonds only arise between layers 12 and 5, and the most commonly occur between layers 15 and 16.

Why can’t I use cheats in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s Windows 10 Edition allows you to enable cheats by creating a new world and clicking on the Cheats button. A switch appears here, and the switch needs to be set to the right to enable Cheats. You can now use cheats in this world of Minecraft.

Can you get banned for swearing in Hypixel?

It is not enough to swear once to get you banned.


Having learned how to activate coordinates in Minecraft, now you can turn them on. Coordinates are essential tools for Minecraft players. Objects, players, and places of interest are easier to find and navigate with them.

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