How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft? Materials needed, uses & more!

In Minecraft, how do you make a beacon in Minecraft and activate it? They can both act as waypoint markers and give you status effects in Minecraft. In addition, beacons can emit a beam of light that acts as a status indicator for you and your friends. Using this guide, you’ll learn how to make and use beacons in Minecraft, including how to get a Nether Star that’s required for the beacon. The gaming community has been enamored with “Minecraft” for more than a decade. A beacon of your own in-game is the best way to demonstrate your skill as a “Minecraft” master.

There is only one incredibly rare material required to make the beacon in all of “Minecraft.” Upon making one, the beacon can maximize your mining, speed, and health. You can also use them as beacons of light in your expansive “Minecraft” world if you find yourself getting lost. The following is a guide to beacons, including information on where to find their materials, how to make them, and how to use them.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft Materials needed, uses & more!

The materials you’ll need to craft a beacon in ‘Minecraft’

Two of these items can probably be found near your house. You’ll need materials from all over the world to assemble a beacon in “Minecraft.” You’ll have to work hard at this last step.


It’s easy to start with glass since it’s the simplest material. Sand can be transformed into glass, just like it is in real life. Ocean beaches and deserts are places where you can find sand.

At least five blocks of sand must be mined and sent to a furnace. The blocks can be sent to the furnace along with various types of fuel.


To continue, you will need to mine or obtain at least three blocks of obsidian. The only way to obtain it is by trading with villagers, unlike other rare ores like diamonds.  Obsidian is best found when it is mined from the ground. For this task, you will need a diamond or nephrite pickaxe – other tools will just break the obsidian and leave nothing behind. A bucket of water can be poured into the lava to produce obsidian. You’ll need to dig until you reach layer 11 in the Overworld, and layer 31 in the Nether if you don’t have easy access to lava. Pour a bucket of water into the hole after digging horizontally until you find lava. Similarly, you can mine a path for lava and water to meet if they are found near each other. It’s a quick death if you fall in lava in Minecraft.

Nether Star

Nether Star completes the picture. Only the most difficult boss in “Minecraft,” The Wither, can be defeated to acquire the Nether Star. Wither enemies cannot be found wandering around like other enemies in “Minecraft.” Wither enemies must be created by players using items found in the Nether. The Nether is the underworld adapted from “Minecraft” – lots of fire, lava, and scary enemies.

Craft a beacon in ‘Minecraft’

Crafting the beacon is easy once you have the materials.

Put the following on the workbench:

  • The top row of glass consists of three pieces.
  • There is one glass to the middle row, one to the Nether Star, and one to the Nether Star.
  • Three obsidian to the bottom row.

Creating a beacon will result from this.

The beacon is useless, however, on its own. Placing a beacon atop a pyramid will allow you to shoot a beam of light into the sky as well as access the full power of an upgrade.

Crafting the beacon pyramid

Pyramids are the only places where a beacon will work. Iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks, diamond blocks, or nephrite blocks are needed to construct this pyramid. Each of these four resources can be used separately or together when building your pyramid – however, you’ll need quite a few of them.

Up to four levels can be found in a pyramid, with each level adding more abilities and range to the pyramid.

  • It requires nine blocks to build a 3×3 pyramid base at level one.
  • There are 34 blocks in a level two pyramid, which requires a base of 5×5 and a top of 3×3.
  • It takes 83 blocks to build a level three pyramid with a 7×7 base, 5×5 second layer, and 3×3 top.
  • It takes 164 blocks to build a level four pyramid, which will have a 9×9 block base, 7×7 second layer, 5×5 third layer, and 3×3 top.

Place the beacon in the center of the pyramid once you’ve built it. The beacon will be activated immediately.

Use your ‘Minecraft’ beacon

You can open the beacon’s menu by right-clicking it once it is activated. To get power-ups, feed it an ingot, diamond, or emerald to gain power. You’ll see the best results from a pyramid level four, but even a one-level pyramid will give you minor mining and movement speed boosts. There is no full coverage of the world in these buffs. All units within a 20 block radius are affected by the buffs of the level one pyramid, 30 blocks by the level two pyramid, and so on. Your buffs will last for approximately 10 to 15 seconds after you leave the coverage area. The status boost given by the beacon can always be modified if you change your mind and want another power-up. However, another ingot, diamond, or emerald will need to be given up. You’ll need to build either six pyramids, or modify 10×11, 8×9, 6×7, and 4×5 pyramids to make all power-ups work simultaneously.

Change the beacon’s light color

Whether it’s crafted out of emerald, diamond, gold, iron, or nephrite, your pyramid can be made out of any combination of these materials. A pyramid made of these materials will be unique. Yet another cool feature is customizing the color of your beacon’s light. This can be accomplished by placing a stained glass window on top of the beacon. By doing so, your light will reflect the color of the stained glass. The middle piece of your stained glass can be dyed any color by filling a 3×3 crafting grid with glass and removing the middle piece.

What status effects do you get from the Beacon in Minecraft?

You can choose which status effect you want to gain when you activate the Beacon. You have five different primary powers to choose from, each taking you a step closer to being a superhero in Minecraft:

  • Fast
  • Be hasty
  • Resilience
  • Boost Your Jump
  • Strengthening

Creating a Pyramid with one layer gives you Speed and Haste. At least a two-level pyramid is required to unlock Resistance and Jump Boost. You must build a pyramid with three layers to get the Strength status effect. This is the first level effect. One primary and one secondary power can be chosen when making a Pyramid with four layers. If you want to gain Regeneration for your secondary power, you can either boost your primary power to level 2 or gain Regeneration at level 1.

How to make a Rainbow Beacon?

Redstone and pistons are used to build a rainbow beacon. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in constructing the beacon’s Redstone structure.

  • Set up the beacon and pyramid first.
  • A red-stained glass should be placed on top of the beacon. 
  • On the red stained glass, place a yellow stained glass and on the green, a green stained glass. 
  • Last but not least, add a blue stained glass.
  • Three temporary blocks, such as a stone, should be placed on the frosted glass.
  • Put three more blocks on the yellow glass block, and then move to the right.
  • You will reach a blue glass block when you move counter-clockwise.
  • Starting from the glass, break the first two blocks so that only the third remains. The pistons will go here.
  • On each temporary block, place a sticky piston facing inward.
  • You can make a circuit by connecting each block behind the bottom piston in a counter-clockwise direction. By doing so, a path for Redstone will be created.
  • Place Redstone on all the blocks to complete the circuit by climbing on top of the first sticky piston.
  • Replace the Redstone blocks on your left with repeaters while standing behind the piston facing the beacon.
  • Four ticks should be set for the repeaters. Repeat the process for each piston.
  • Placing a Redstone torch on a block anywhere outside the circuit is the next step. Now your pistons ought to start moving. 
  • The pistons can be stopped by removing the Redstone torch and the Redstone. Put the Redstone back in place once the pistons stop.
  • There will be no way to remove the glass blocks from the pistons. You should have the following result:
  • Remove the Redstone torch once everything has activated and placed it back in the same block to start the pistons. Keeping the torch there won’t be necessary since the whole process is automated.

In Minecraft, here are some tricks and uses for beacons. It is possible to power more than one beacon at the same time and gets different perks from each of them.

Frequently Asked Question

The Beacon can be fitted with tinted glass, but is that allowed?

Despite tinted glass being able to let you see behind it, it blocks all light and acts as an opaque block. Therefore, when it is put on top of the beacon, it does not change the color of the light like the regular glass but instead deactivates it until it is removed.

A Beacon’s range is how far?

Tier 1 beacons (using a 3*3 shrine) require a minimum range of 20 blocks. Increasing the range by ten blocks increases the range by each level. In a pyramid 5×5, there are 30 blocks. It is conceivable that your beacon will have a range of up to 50 blocks if you have set it to maximum (using a 9×9 pyramid).

Is it possible to construct the Beacon Shrine with any block?

The beacon shrine cannot be built with any type of block. If you use an iron block, a gold block, an emerald block, a diamond block, or a netherite block, you will succeed. Otherwise, the beacon will not power up.

Additionally, the blocks cannot be mixed and matched. One block must be used throughout the pyramid. A mixed block will also prevent the beacon from operating.

Is lapis a good material for making a beacon?

These blocks can be combined with any combination of Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Emerald resource blocks. It is the cheapest and easiest to make a short pyramid using Iron blocks in survival mode.) No other block is able to make a Beacon shine. For example, Lapis Lazuli and Pumpkins are not able to do this.

Can u use coal for a beacon?

What is the most precious mineral in the world: coal, iron, gold, lapis, diamonds, emerald, or Redstone? The four main materials are iron, gold, emeralds, and diamonds. If you love reading, you should definitely read these books. These include Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald.

Can you use Quartz for a beacon?

It makes sense if we can activate the beacons using a variety of quartz blocks since you craft them using nether stars, however quartz’s easy to obtain, so you only get the primary power.


With elements of survival built into it, Minecraft is a crafting and building game. This tutorial takes a look at the Beacon, one of the most important blocks in Minecraft. Minecraft provides players with many tools to make their lives easier and to make their gameplay more enjoyable. Players benefit from status effects in Minecraft, but obtaining them is a challenge. Beacons are one of the most preferred structures in Minecraft for buffing. We are happy to answer your questions.

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