What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

As part of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs, axolotls have been added as new mobs. It is a very common question among players what do Axolotls eat in Minecraft. Minecraft’s Axolotls are both the player’s friends and the antagonists of the hostile underwater creatures. One of the most frequently asked questions about the diet of underwater creatures is answered here. In conjunction with the Caves and Cliffs update Part I released earlier this year, the game received many new changes. There were some changes to biomes, tweaks to UI, and some new mobs added. The Axolotl, Glow Squid, and Sheep are these. Several questions are often asked about the features of these 3 mobs among the player base.

What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft

The Caves and Cliffs update will be released in two parts, Minecraft announced earlier this year. On June 8, 2021, the Caves and Cliffs update 1.17 was released. Since the development team works remotely, they would have more time to release the second part later this year. Axolotls were one of the mobs released in Minecraft’s first update, along with some cool items and blocks. You can read this article to find out what axolotls eat in Minecraft as well as what they eat in their natural habitat.

What Are Axolotls Purpose in Minecraft?

The player can spawn axolotls in any underground water source, as long as they comply with a few caveats. This includes sinking the underground water source below sea level and having it in total darkness (y63).

Generally, they don’t care much about the player, but they can help them combat other underwater and hostile creatures. Defeating a mob that an axolotl is attacking gives the player the Regeneration status effect. If they have Mining Fatigue, they have it removed. 

Another achievement can be unlocked by joining forces with an axolotl. You’ll unlock it by reaching the level of The Healing Power of Friendship!. In order to protect themselves in a fight, players should recruit axolotls while fishing or traveling underwater for a long distance. An axolotl can defeat any underwater creatures except dolphins or turtles.

What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs introduce the axolotl, one of the new mobs. Axolotls can now be found in Minecraft and interacted with. You will find these underwater mobs while exploring the ocean. In battles with other hostile mobs, these mobs will also assist the player. A player might have to find some Axolotls and breed them in Minecraft to accomplish this. This creature eats only a certain type of food, however.

Axolotls eat tropical fish in Minecraft, which is what most players ask. It is important to remember that Axolotls eat tropical fish only. Unless the fish are spawning, players should stay away from these colorful fishes that are found in warm ocean biomes. With a bucket of water, players can collect them. Fish can be fed to Axolotls once they have been collected. 

All the Ways to Get a Bucket of Tropical Fish

Catching Tropical Fish in a Water Bucket is the easiest way to get a Bucket of Tropical Fish. Empty a bucket into some water, then fill it with water. Using the Water Bucket, scoop any Tropical Fish into it after you swim up to them. By using the Bucket of Tropical Fish on your amphibious friend, you can feed the Tropical Fish you caught to an Axolotl.

Where Tropical Fish Spawn

As well as the “Deep” variants of Lukewarm Ocean and Warm Ocean, Tropical Fish can also spawn in those biomes. Tropical Fish are most likely to be found in a biome in which the water is warm, as they spawn there.

Where to Buy a Bucket of Tropical Fish

Wandering Traders sell tropical fish for 5 emeralds when they appear from time to time. There is only a 20% chance that they would have made this trade.

How to breed Axolotls in Minecraft?

As with the other animals in the game, axolotls breed with one another. The player must pair two or more tropical fishes together using the above method in order to breed them. Finding two Axolotls and feeding them tropical fish is the next step. Having the fish will allow them to breed. You should also remember that Axolotls cannot breed until they have grown up for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, these cute little animals aren’t as easy to tame as an Ocelot.

Minecraft Axolotl Spawn Location

You should look for axolotls near water since they are aquatic mobs. Axolotls can be found underground in underwater caves on blocks with the base_stone_overworld tag, which can be:

  • This is tough
  • Depthslate
  • Rocks
  • Stone
  • Diatomite
  • There are andesites

Spawn Eggs and Axolotl Bucket can also be used in creative mode to spawn them.

Minecraft Axolotl Colours

Each axolotl has unique coloration.


Axolotls in Minecraft: cyan



An axolotl in Minecraft with a leucistic coloration


Axolotl in the wild in Minecraft


Blue axolotls are the rarest creatures in Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do axolotls drop in Minecraft?

Experience orbs are usually dropped by axolotls when they die in Minecraft.

What kills axolotls in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s axolotls require at least two blocks of water deep within 16 blocks of a pathway of water to survive. If they go five minutes without water, they die. Axolotls can also be killed out of water and while on a boat. Thunderstorms and rain do not kill them on land.

Do axolotls attack other mobs?

Drowned will be attacked by Axolotls, as well as other seaborne threats. Neither dolphins nor turtles will be harmed by them.

Why don’t axolotls attack humans?

Axolotls occasionally bite their owners, but this is not an aggressive act. Food is a driving force for axolotls, and they mistake hands for food. Humans, however, are more likely to cause harm to axolotls than to attack them because axolotls are sensitive.


So, now you can breed as many Axolotls as you want for your bases. Especially if you have collected enough fish, breeding them is much easier than most in-game mobs. You can use Allay in your automatic Minecraft farms to easily gather resources if you want to take breeding to the next level. This produces a cute and collaborative farm with Axolotls killing aquatic mobs and Allay collecting their dropped items. The possibilities are endless and ever-expanding with the new features in Minecraft 1.19. If you have sufficient time and knowledge of all the Minecraft biomes, the possibilities are endless. You can then go on a rampage and collect breed, and farm Minecraft mobs. Let’s say that you want to breed a Minecraft mob. Leave a comment!

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