What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

This article discusses what Pigs eat in Minecraft and how you can breed them using easy steps and techniques. Various animals inhabit the world of Minecraft. This fuzzy pink pig may be one of the most lovable. When you choose to attack one of these passive hooved creatures, it will drop one or two Pork Chops that you will surely enjoy. 

Minecraft originally included pigs as a creature. With a saddle, you can even use these pink mobs to ride or to get yourself food. In real life, they are great animals to have on a farm, and if you have a place to keep them, then you can continuously gather food from them. The following are foods you should feed your pigs if you want them to stay at your place.

What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft

There are only three items that what do pigs eat in Minecraft Beetroots, Carrots, and Potatoes. All three of them are available in gardens within the villages and in chests. In the case of a farm, we recommend replanting and harvesting your garden regularly to keep the pigs coming. Other farm animals will not be affected by wheat.

You will need to interact with the pigs while holding the food to make them breed. The pigs will give off their hearts if they are healthy. They will then look for another pig doing the same thing. A piglet will be born if they meet. You can help a baby pig reach adulthood faster by feeding them any of the above foods.

What do Pigs Eat In Minecraft

Generally speaking, pigs roam aimlessly through grassy habitats. To start a pig farm, you will need to lure the animals back to your home with their favorite foods.

Carrots, potatoes, and beetroot are the favorites that what do pigs eat in Minecraft. Your first vegetables can only be found in a Village or Dungeon, or if a zombie drops them for you by chance. If you have at least one vegetable on your farm, you can plant them directly. All three vegetables can be used for feeding pigs, but we recommend beetroots. Beetroots are mostly used for dyeing but can be used as a temporary food source, as can carrots and potatoes. A single potato can almost as easily satisfy hunger as six beetroots and a bowl of soup.

How to Get Pig Food In Minecraft

There are only three foods that eat Pigs in Minecraft: carrots, potatoes, and beetroots, which can be found on the villages’ farms. It is possible to obtain these vegetables in other ways, but looting Villages is by far the most profitable and reliable method. What is more, the Villagers are not bothered at all.

Villages spawn within 500 blocks of your world spawn point in the Java Edition of Minecraft 50% of the time. Bedrock Edition users have a 66% chance of spawning villages. Villages will also spawn in different biomes depending on the version. Villages can spawn in each of these biomes in the Java Edition:

  • The plains
  • Safari
  • The Taiga.
  • The Tundra Is Snowy
  • It’s a desert

Aside from the biomes mentioned above, villages also spawn in the Bedrock Edition:

  • The snowy Taiga
  • Prairies sunflowers

How to Get Carrots In Minecraft

Carrots can be found on a village farm 20% of the time. It is possible to harvest carrots by hand or with some kind of tool, just as you can with other crops. As a result of breaking a fully matured Carrot block, up to 5 Carrots will be dropped.

Planting carrots on a farm is as simple as tilling the ground with a hoe and then planting the carrot. The carrots will not grow unless you have some water nearby after you plant them on the tilled soil. When a soil will grow plants, it is dark brown; fertile soil is dark brown. Be patient as carrots go through four stages of growth. Their orange bodies will poke through the dirt when they have reached full maturity.

Carrots can also be found as mob loot. If you defeat Husks, Zombies, or Zombie Villagers, you will occasionally drop a Carrot. Additionally, Carrots can be looted on some structures, such as Pillager Outposts and Shipwrecks. The appearance rate of Carrots in a chest is 57.5% in Pillager Outposts. Supply Chests in Shipwrecks contain between 4 and 8 Carrots 42.1% of the time.

How to Get Potatoes In Minecraft

Potatoes can also be found on Village farms on a 20% basis, like Carrots. You will receive anywhere from one to five Potatoes when you harvest a fully matured Potato block.

Potatoes are also planted in fertile soil and need to be left for a few days before they sprout. In the 4th stage of visual growth, your Potatoes will show yellow bulbs at the base of their leafy portion. If you eat a Poisonous Potato, which is understandably poisonous, there is a 2% chance you will get sick.

In addition to getting a Carrot as loot after killing a Husk, a Zombie, or a Zombie Villager, you can also get a Potato as loot. As a continuation of the similarities to Carrots, Potatoes are also found in Pillager Outpost Chests at an appearance rate of 57.5%, however, you only find between 2 and 5 of them. 

It is possible for Supply Chests to contain between 2 and 6 Potatoes in Shipwrecks. In addition to Potatoes, Village Chests can also store some of them, ranging from 1 to 7 depending on the biome and appearance rate.

How to Get Beetroots In Minecraft

The odds of finding Beetroots on a village farm are lower than those of Potatoes or Carrots. In the event a Beetroot block is broken, 1 to 4 Beetroot Seeds will be dropped along with it. Since the yield is not very high, it will take a lot longer to farm than other crops.

It is possible to grow a Beetroot farm by planting Beetroot seeds in fertile soil and then waiting until they reach their fourth growth stage when you will see some brownish-purple bodies emerge. Be that as it may, Beetroot grows a bit faster than other crops, but not fast enough to produce higher yields than many other vegetables.

It is not possible to obtain Beetroot Seeds from mobs, but a Wandering Trader can buy them for 1 Emerald. In addition, Beetroot Seeds can be found in multiple structures.

How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft

If pigs are encountered in Minecraft, players can use carrots, potatoes, or beetroot to lure them to an area. Keep the vegetable within a six-block radius if you would like the pigs to be interested. You can breed pigs by bringing two or a few together or walling them in with any of the previously mentioned Minecraft crops and what pigs eat in Minecraft.

Steps to Breed Pigs

1. Find Two Pigs

Then you need to find two piglets to breed once you have the necessary materials.

If you can’t find any pigs, you can use a spawn egg or use a cheat to summon one.

In order to prevent our two pigs from running away when breeding, we built a fence to keep them close together.

2. Use the Carrots

In order to feed the carrots to the pigs, you need to select them from your hot bar and then feed them one at a time.

Depending on the version of Minecraft, you have different options for using/feeding carrots to the pigs:

  • The pigs can be selected by right-clicking one at a time for Java Edition (PC/Mac).
  • The pigs appear one at a time when you tap on them in Pocket Edition (PE).
  • You can press the LT button on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Press the L2 button on the PS4 and PS3 controllers.
  • The ZL button on the gamepad is to be pressed on the Wii U.
  • The ZL button on the controller should be pressed for Nintendo Switch.
  • Right-click on each pig one by one for Windows 10 Edition.
  • Click the pigs one by one to view the Education Edition.

5 Best uses for pigs in Minecraft

1 – Food

Starting off in a new Minecraft world requires plenty of food for new players. Players should have no problem finding pig mobs in Minecraft because they spawn often.

When a pig is killed, he drops a single or a trio of raw pork chops. Moreover, if the pig is on fire when the player kills it, the chop will cook, and the cooked chop will drop instead.

With the looting 3 enchantment on their swords, advanced players can get anywhere from one to six pork chops from a pig.

2 – Breeding

Breeding pigs are incredibly easy in Minecraft. Pigs are bred for XP and to get more pigs, but players also breed them for a variety of reasons. Players can expect to gain XP points no matter what they do when feeding their pink critters after breeding piglets. Pigs can drop anywhere between one and seven XP points after breeding.

In a game like this, you can breed pigs very easily by feeding them carrots, potatoes, or beetroots and expecting the pigs to mate. Pigs can be bred by getting one of the three foods previously mentioned and right-clicking two nearby pigs. Pigs will start moving towards each other as hearts appear around them. The player will see a cute baby piglet after a piglet appears and collects XP!

3 – Riding

It is so much fun to ride pigs because they can be ridden. There is no other way to ride a pig but with a saddle and carrot on a stick, but this event is great fun. Compared to a slow horse in Minecraft, the pigs travel at about 5.2 m/s.

Three leather items, two strings, and two ingots of iron are required to make a saddle. Fishing rods and carrots are all players need to make a carrot on a stick. Together, these two items can be used to create carrots on sticks and control pigs.

4 – Farm stable

Adding a stable to a player’s Minecraft property is always a nice addition, but a stable cannot be complete without lots of pigs. Putting pigs in pens or stables is easy when they’re easy to lead.

A player just needs to place a carrot, potato, or beet in their Hotbar and place a wild pig around it. The pig will follow the player back to the player’s base for as long as they stay within six blocks of it.

The plains biome is the most common place to find pigs. It is also possible to find them in forests. Snowy tundras and wooded badland plateaus are the only biomes where pigs do not spawn. The best time to look is during the day and in bright areas since pigs only spawn at light levels above seven.

5 – Getting rid of excess foods

Excess food can be fed to pigs as a simple way of getting rid of it. Pigs eat carrots, beets, and potatoes, so they are the perfect animal for eating excess produce.

There is a lot of extra food produced from these three crops due to their fast growth. It will be possible for players to survive with small farms even if they cultivate these three crops. After only a few harvests, they are often able to fill an entire chest.

Reasons To Feed Pigs In Minecraft

  • We feed them for taming purposes the first reason. A pig will start following the player as soon as the payer shows it any of the food items. 
  • Pigs must be fed in order to breed. In order to get them to breed, you need two pigs. Breeding them is easy, just like taming them is easy. In order to make a small pig, they will only need five minutes.
  • In addition to gaining experience points, feeding pigs is another reason to do so. As soon as you feed a pig, some experience points will be dropped. When an adult pig is killed they will drop 1 to 3 experience orbs, as well as porkchop when they’re hurt. This can then be used for cooking his own delicious meals. You can increase the number of raw pork chops dropped to six by adding an enchantment to your weapon. The other thing that you should know here is that killing an adult pig will lead to it dropping cooked pork chops.
  • In addition to feeding pigs, riding them is also a good reason to do so. Minecraft allows you to equip the saddle only to pigs and horses. In order to control their movements, show them a carrot, which will cause the pig to run faster. 
  • By putting a carrot in front of him, he will come up to the full speed of 5.2 blocks per second. In addition, carrots, which can be supplemented, have a loss in durability.
  • Pigs are fed to grow faster, and that is the last reason to feed them. Baby pigs grow for twenty minutes at a time. By feeding the pig carrot, potato, or beetroot, you can reduce this effect. They will grow by 10% if you feed them these.


Minecraft’s passive mobs are pigs, the oldest in existence. A Mij Brawler DLC outfit appeared as part of the cross-over Super Smash Bros. Final Battle.

Pigs in the game are quite similar to the standard pink breed of pig known as the Yorkshire. In addition to that, we would like to know what pigs eat in Minecraft, as well as how to ride them. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section.

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