What does impaling do in Minecraft?

In this blog, you will get to know about what impaling in Minecraft? Here are the basics of how to use it, maximum levels, and many other tips. Minecraft has multiple enchantments, and they seem to be added with each update. I wonder, however, how the impaling enchantment works? The addition of tridents to Minecraft version 1.13 gave rise to the addition of this feature, meaning it is solely intended for tridents. It is possible that the impaling enchantment may have different abilities and affect different mobs depending on whether a player is playing on Bedrock Edition or Java Edition.

The Impaling Enchantment can only be used against aquatic mobs and is designed for the Trident. When used against Aquatic mobs, this enchantment increases the damage done by the trident. The added damage scales are based on the level. It has a total of 5 levels.

What does impaling do in Minecraft

Several elements of the game, including enchantments, are introduced to assist the players in their creative endeavors. Enchantments add unique features to any item they’re applied to, unlike other features in the game. Some enchantments, such as Smite, are better suited to land-based environments, while others, such as Impaling, are better suited to aquatic environments.

Around the same time as Trident was added to Minecraft, this Enchantment was also added. In addition, depending on whether you are playing the Bedrock Edition or Java Edition, the effects and abilities of this enchantment will differ. Even though the game added some new features to the enchantment in the version 1.17 update, I will be going over those features and much more on the Impaling Enchantment in the following video.

What Is Impaling In Minecraft

Impaling is a weapon-specific enchantment that cannot be applied to any weapon other than the trident. Impaling is not the only weapon option available. There are plenty of other options as well. The Minecraft world has an underwater theme. Therefore, these sea creatures should not be taken for granted. You must possess an exceptional weapon to compete with them. Specifically designed to fight against these small creatures, the trident was introduced in version 1.13.

Trident and impaling aren’t enough to stay alive underwater. Besides breathing, depth strider, etc., you must get other enchantments that will enable you to spend longer underwater and discover new secrets. We will now take a closer look.

Does Impaling Affect Players?

Minecraft’s wiki specifies that the Impaling Enchantment affects all mobs and players in the water. In a few cases, however, this effect does not apply to all editions, for example, the extra damage only applies to aquatic mobs in the Java Edition while it only applies to players in the Bedrock Edition. I believe that the Impaling Enchantment should be applied to players who come into contact with water, but that is still up for debate.

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

Using the Impaling Enchantment on aquatic creatures and mobs increases the damage of the trident. The added damage is also scaled with this enchantment’s level, which is capped at 5. Impaling works differently in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, as it does in most enchantments.

It doesn’t affect land mobs that happen to be in the water in the Java Edition. The extra damage from impaling is only applied to aquatic mobs. It is not possible to impale undead mobs like Drowned in this edition, as they are classified as undead and not aquatic. However, in the Bedrock Edition, the extra damage applies to any object or player that comes into contact with water or rain.

An enchanted trident enchanted with impaling also adds extra damage to mobs and players in contact with water, just like in the bedrock edition. The Java edition may change the enchantment’s abilities in some way. In addition, a Java Edition combat test 4 conducted during the version 1.17 upgrade indicated that Impaling deals extra damage to Axolotls.

How To Get The Impaling Enchantment

Impaling in Minecraft must first build an enchantment table before he can obtain this enchantment. The players will need to place their Trident along with a number of lapis lazuli in the enchanting table menu once this is complete.

They will be able to choose from three enchanting options. When it comes to Tridents, only six major enchantments are available: Loyalty, Riptide, Channeling, Unbreaking, Mending, and Impaling. It is the same process to enchant books and combine them with tridents at an anvil, but with the number of options available for book enchantment, Impaling can be challenging.

The Impaling process consists of five levels. Players can enchant their Trident with this enchantment. There are five levels of impaling in Minecraft, with each level adding 2.5 damage per hit. In addition, higher-level enchantments cost more lapis lazuli and have a higher-level requirement.

Players should stack if they are at or above level 30 to increase their chances of getting better enchantments. There should be a suitable number of bookshelves in proximity to their enchantment table. There is also the Curse of Vanishing with this weapon in Minecraft. An enchantment table cannot add this on.

What Is Impaling Best to Use For?

Despite being limited to the Trident and intended for use with Aquatic mobs, the Impaling Enchantment can also be used to aid players in many other ways such as in Monumental Raids and Underwater mob fights.

Monumental Raids

Taking these raids is a very long process since a monument has multiple layers and chambers, each guarded by a tough mob such as the Elder Guardian and The Guardian. Players can defeat these mobs faster by impaling them in order to increase their raid speed.

Underwater Mob Fights

If you are fishing in a sunken ship or exploring an underwater mob such as Drowned, the Impaling Enchantment is an extremely effective tool. You should enchant your trident with loyalty and unbreaking/mending if you have an Impaling Enchantment applied to it. Since the Impaling Enchantment is quite rare, these other enchantments prevent your Trident from being lost.


Impaling enchantment is one of the strongest spells in Minecraft’s Trident class. On the other hand, it can only be used on aquatic mobs. This makes it a reasonably balanced enchantment. We recommend using Impaling on your Trident if you plan to go on great adventures under the sea.

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