What Does Mending Do in Minecraft?

What does mending do in Minecraft? This comprehensive mending guide demonstrates how to use this enchantment method in your preferred sandbox game.

The popularity of Minecraft has grown over the years, and it continues to increase. All the major platforms can be used to enjoy this sandbox title, which comes with a wealth of exciting content. Players have the option of building huge bases and traveling endlessly in the virtual world, extracting raw materials, and creating their own tools.

A variety of useful items can also be crafted in Minecraft, but every item has a certain level of durability. The game offers players a range of enchantments that allow them to repair their items while still surviving against monsters and other players. In the game, mending is a highly valued enchantment. The following is a step-by-step guide on how mending works in Minecraft.

The best part about finding or making new items on Minecraft is that they never last forever. Mending is a powerful treasure enchantment that allows the user to extend the durability and keep their items in excellent working conditions if they go through a lot of equipment in a short period of time.  A player also feels more secure and is able to use the equipment as many times as they need to without worrying about breaking it.

What Does Mending Do in Minecraft

What is Mending Minecraft?

By using your user experience, Minecraft Mending can restore the durability of an item. Thus, items can be made more durable and used for longer periods of time. Axes, for instance, can be enhanced by mending. Once enhanced, the ax can be used as long as it can be restored using XP.

What does Mending do in Minecraft?

Tools, weapons, and armor can all be repaired using Minecraft mending. In-game user experience can be very easily gained; however, mending enchantments is not the easiest thing to do. Whenever you use mining or kill a mob for the experience your items are automatically repaired.

You will not be able to use Minecraft Mending if you aren’t holding or using the item. Additionally, it does not work when you are not wearing armor. Mending is not activated until the item earns experience, so its durability will not increase. First, you need to apply the enhancement to the tool, then you should dig random mobs or attack them. As a result, the mending feature will begin working and you will gain useful experience. Getting a mending orb, however, is not as simple as getting mending enchantment working in survival mode.

Tips & Tricks for Mending Minecraft

No mending enhancements can be added to infinity enchantments, nor can mending enhancements be added to the normal enchantment table. It is necessary to use the game in order to get Mending enchantments. In order to obtain mending orbs, you’ll need to explore and perform some activities. Keep reading to learn how to acquire mending orbs.

1. Fishing

There are a lot of ways to obtain mending orbs, but fishing is the easiest method. Building a miniature fish farm with an automatic clicker will improve your chances. Getting caught by fish increases by 20% when it’s raining, so keep fishing on rainy days. It’s even better if it’s raining since you can catch big fishes that come with mending orbs when it’s raining.

2. Village Raid

You can find mending orbs by raiding a village, or you can create AFK mob bots to raid a village and get mending. Furthermore, you can initiate a raid by first killing the pillagers’ leader in the pillagers’ outpost, then entering a village to trigger the raid, and activating the bots to kill the pillagers. Alternatively, you can trade with the villagers to end the raid quickly.

3. Searching in End Dungeon

Find every book in the library and explore the walls a little, then search for mending throughout the End Dungeon. Finally, mending books will be found in the library. Look through both parts of the dungeon after you search for them.

4. Looting End Cities

There is no guarantee that you will find mending in Looting End city, but you are likely to get some items with mending if you loot the area. You just have to spend some time looking for it.

5. Village of Trades

You can acquire mending through this method. 

With the villagers there, you must max out the trees. Always make sure you have enough food. Depending on your items, you can then trade with villagers, who will provide you with decent goods. Be sure to check all the villages where you can do business. It is possible, however, that they won’t trade with decent goods so you’ll obtain a mending book.

How does mending work in Minecraft?

Mending is a method of enchantment used by Minecraft players. Various objects, tools, armor, weapons, and more can be enchanted with it. Let’s take a look at some ways it can be used in Minecraft. You can learn more about mending in Minecraft by looking at these examples.

1. How does mending work on elytra?

Minecraft players can use Elytra to fly while playing Survival mode. Elytra is a rare item that is only found in End. Neither you nor this wing will be damaged if you fall off the wing if you don’t have the flying skill.

You can use Mending in this case in order to increase the durability of the Elytra or fix it.

The durability of this item is determined by the exchange of player XP. The Elytra can be strengthened by exchanging each orb of XP for two durability points. You can get the enchanted elytra by putting the broken elytra and the enchanted mending book on the enchantment table.

2. How does mending work on the pickaxe and shovel?

Minecraft has two popular tools for working: the pickaxe and shovel. In a cave, mending will help you fix tools if they break while you’re working. They prepare themselves using the experience they earn from using these tools. There is only one level of enchantment for mending in Minecraft.

3. How does mending work on armor?

The durability of weapons and armor can also be increased through mending, along with tools.

If you want to explore dangerous caves and fortresses, you will need a powerful weapon and armor. Dragons, monsters, and zombies can also be countered with these items.

Enchanted mending books must be created in order to use this technique on these supplies. Afterward, place the armor and enchanted book on the table so you can process them.

4. Why is Minecraft mending not working sometimes

You cannot mend some items in several cases. Server problems or glitches are not to blame.

The bow with the infinity enchantment, for example, cannot be amended in Minecraft. Additionally, mending will not work on items without a durability bar, such as pumpkins and mob heads.

How to Enchant Items With Mending?

There is no way to obtain Mending through the enchantment table because it is a treasure enchantment. It needs to be added to your items using an anvil. The following steps can be followed:

  1. Your anvil’s GUI should be open. Three iron blocks and an ingot can be used to craft an anvil if you do not have one.
  2. Mending books should be placed in the middle, left of the item that needs mending. When putting them opposite, remember that nothing will happen.
  3. The enchantment will cost you experience points, so make sure to have enough to cover the cost.
  4. On the right side, there will be an item called Mending.

What Items Can I Add Mending on?

You can use Mending on any tool or weapon you own since it is an important enchantment. Mending can also be added to armor. 

Additionally, Elytra and Mending are compatible. As soon as you acquire Mending, you should equip it onto Elytra. You’ll become less likely to damage the Elytra.

The Mending enchantment is compatible with the Unbreakable enchantment as well. You can create an item that is nearly indestructible when you combine them.


Is Mending a Level 30 Enchantment?

You might think that mending requires an enchantment table of level 30, the highest. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Thus, it falls outside of such rules and is deemed a treasure enchantment.

Is Netherite Compatible With Mending?

Mending can be equipped with tools and armor made with nephrite. Finding ancient debris and turning it into nephrite ingots for tools and armor does take a great deal of effort.


You can only obtain Minecraft mending items and books in these few ways. Getting mended requires patience, as well as fishing and trading before you come across a gold mine. Look around, dig here and there, take your time, and keep looking for mending in dungeons and cities.

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