What Is Looting In Minecraft?

Looting at higher tiers gives you a better chance of getting rare drops. We will therefore explore what looting in Minecraft and other uses for the item. You can find many items that can aid you in battle or during resource collection in Minecraft. A good example of this is looting, which can be added to swords to increase the chances of getting items and rare items dropped when you kill mobs.

An enchantment that results in loot drops is looting, which is used by players against monsters, commonly referred to as ‘mobs’. A mob dropping rare items at a faster rate. Experiential gain is not increased. A player’s loot in Minecraft includes any item he or she kills.

What Is Looting In Minecraft

How to Get Looting in Minecraft?

Multiple ways are available for getting the looting enchantment. Some of these methods are outlined below.

Trading with a Villager

It is not uncommon for villagers to become librarians and trade with you until looting is obtained. Attempt the same process with a different villager if the first villager does not give you loot. Although this process is easy, there are a lot of materials required, including books, shelves, papers, and emeralds.

Using Enchantment Table

The most preferred method is to enchant your tool/book with Enchantment Table until you get looting enchantment. You only need books, an enchantment table, and a lot of XP for the process. Looting through an enchantment table can be found by following these steps:

  1. Book a trip and pick up some lapis lazuli.
  2. Enchant one book with any of the enchantments available on Lapis.
  3. Each subsequent book should be improved until you reach Looting I.

In addition to disenchanting unwanted enchanted books with the Grindstone, you will also gain experience points. Alternatively, you can use your sword to accomplish the same goal. To get looting to enchant on a sword, either disenchant it after every enchantment until it gets looting to enchant or use many swords at once.

Looting Chests near Spawners

There is a good chance that you will find chests with good loot when you explore mines or venture into spawner caves. If a looting book is contained in such a chest, keep your eyes peeled for it.


Despite its strange appearance, you can find an enchanted book that can be looted. Water and a fishing rod are all that you need. (Ideally, a fishing rod with the luck of the sea.) Fry for looting enchantments until you find them. If you enchant your rod with the luck of the Sea, you can also obtain a lot of other rare items using this method. The process of finding rare items in survival mode uses a minimum amount of resources, however, it can also be tedious.

From Creative Mode

In creative mode, you can simply grab a book enchanted with looting if you want a leisurely playthrough or wish not to go through the hassle of enchanting and disenchanting. The enchantment can later be applied to your sword with an anvil.

How To Use It?

You can increase the drop rate of an enchanted sword by striking down a mob with it. While it’s not necessary to use the blade to kill the mob, you can launch a projectile and switch to the enchanted sword before the projectile hits the mob and destroys it, and looting enchantments in Minecraft still work.

As a result, you can use ranged weapons like arrows and tridents to receive the enchantment benefits. Sorcery has levels, and sword enchantments are no exception. As you increase the enchantment level, more loot drops will drop. The drops increase by 1 percent with each level. You may, for example, increase the drop rate of your looting enchantments by 3% in Minecraft. Minecraft’s looting enchantment is not effective on many occasions, such as mobs that drop no loot, like bats, bees, and endermites. Similarly, mobs like withers, iron golems and snow golems normally drop loot but do not display the looting enchantment.

In addition, this enchantment fails to have any effect in the following situations:

  • How many fish mobs drop,
  • Foxes may tend to get more drops when they have more drops, but there is still a chance they will get fewer drops,
  • The amount of wool shed by sheep,
  • Unending drops of undying totems,
  • Elder guardians drop sponges,
  • From wither skeletons, you will drop skulls. The quantity dropped will not change, but the chance of dropping will.

What are the Levels of Looting in Minecraft?

You will find three looting levels when playing vanilla Minecraft or using mods not affecting enchantment items: looting I, looting II, and looting III. A level of looting increases the maximum number of items that may be looted from a common drop, like meat, bones, gunpowder, etc. You may also obtain rare items from rare drops. 

When heroes die, they don’t drop anything when they die, so looting doesn’t work. It can only be used when you use a sweep attack on your enemy. Furthermore, it cannot handle mobs like fishes that drop only one item upon death. The amount of wool or undying totem dropped by sheep does not change when the evokers are killed as well. By equipping Looting II or III, your chances of obtaining items increase by two and three per level, respectively. It is also important to note that the percentage of looting III can increase from 3% to 5% or even 11.5%, depending on the mob you kill.

What Does Looting Do?

As a result of this enchantment, you can loot your foes to maximum capacity. This enchantment only needs to be applied to your weapon. A sword would be the best weapon to use this enchantment on. There are no experience points to be gained with this enchantment. Its maximum level is “level 3.”. A Looting III sword can serve multiple purposes, such as:

1. Increases The Chances Of A Player Getting The Valuable Items From The Mobs

You can easily collect a lot of valuable items once your weapon is enchanted with looting. Use this enchantment against the deadly zombies to collect the most valuable items. Your enchanted tools will provide valuable drops.

2. Maximizes The Number Of Items That You Get From Your Enemies

What if you could increase the number of drops your enemies drop? This enchantment will increase the number of drops your enemies drop. Your weapon will be enchanted so that you can get the most out of your enemies with this enchantment. 

3. Increases The Efficiency And Performance Of Your Online Gameplay

This enchantment is part of Minecraft vanilla. Having this enchantment will make you a better player. There is no comparison between an unenchanted sword and an enchanted sword.

4. Helps You To Survive Yourself In A Much Better Way 

Have your enemies ever made you afraid in uncharted waters? Is this world of Minecraft a little too dangerous? You can defend yourself against evil creatures and enemies with the looting enchantment. With looting enchanted weapons in Minecraft, you will be secure.

Does Looting Give More XP?

Among the enchantments in Minecraft, looting helps make your weapons and tools sharper. It improves your ability to play the game. Axes, pickaxes, and swords can be enchanted with this enchantment. 

With your enchanted sword you will not get the maximum experience points (XP). Instead, it will multiply your loot items. This means looting isn’t going to help you increase your experience points in Minecraft.

What Does Fortune Do?

This is an enchantment that is pretty useful in Minecraft. Various drops are multiplied or increased with it. Pickaxes, axes, and swords can be used for fortune, unlike looting. Throughout the levels of this enchantment, the effectiveness of your weapon increases. This enchantment is at its highest level for your tools when it is at level III. It can be used to:

1. Getting Useful Things From The Mobs

What items will make your gameplay more enjoyable? That’s no problem. Your enemies will be more willing to give you useful and valuable items if you enchant them with Fortune. Your weapons enchanted with fortune will help you fight your enemies even better.

2. Mining Pickaxe And Axe 

In addition to mining, fortune allows you to search for many other useful tools. Having fortune enchantment in your inventory will allow you to mine pickaxe and ax more easily.

3. Collecting Different Seeds And Other Eatables 

To make your meals more delicious, what should you include in them? To get tasty food items in your inventory, the fortune enchantment is the best choice. A variety of seeds enchanted with a fortune can also be obtained with your tools.

4. Gathering The Greatest Number Of Drops From Your Foes

Getting this enchantment first will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of drops from other competitive players, enemies, mobs, zombies, and undead creatures. By playing Fortune, you can increase the number of unique drops in your Minecraft games.

5. Enhancing The Chances Of Getting Rare Drops 

This enchantment provides several rare drops as well. You will receive many rare items while playing the game, including ender drops and ender pearls. The fortune system does not work with iron, gold, or stones.

Does Fortune Give More XP?

The mining tools you possess can be enchanted with this enchantment. Pickaxes and axes do not gain experience points when enchanted with this enchantment. Perhaps you are wondering why fortune does not reward you with more experience. It is not meant to increase your XP, so this is the main reason. It only increases your chances of dying.

Differences between Looting and Fortune in Minecraft

Looting affects mob drops

As an example, you will receive more Ender Pearls if you kill an Enderman, or a Wither Skeleton skull if you kill an Enderman.

Fortune affects ores and other mineable materials

Diamonds, gold, and coal will be found in greater quantities from a single ore block, and saplings and flint will be found from broken leaves and gravel.

What is Better For XP, Looting Or Fortune?

It is the same purpose for both enchantments. Comparing them is pointless. Neither will give more experience points than the other. Your enemies will drop the amount of experience you want. 

By using these enchantments, you will get the maximum amount of ender eyes. Yet you cannot claim that looting or fortune can provide the maximum number of experience points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Looting 3 Good On A Sword?

In terms of Minecraft enchantments, Looting III is the best one to have on any sword since it allows players to collect a great deal more from mobs as they kill them. The enchantment does not just increase the chance of obtaining loot from a mob, but it also increases how much loot a player can collect.

Is Looting 3 A Level 30 Enchant?

Looting enchantment can be leveled up to 3 points. Up to Looting III can be added to a sword.

Does Looting Work On Crops?

If you want to get food from mobs (animals or monsters), you must loot them, but if you want food from crops (wheat, carrots, etc. ), you can use this technique.

Does Fortune Work On Axe?

Minecraft’s Fortune is a type of enchantment. Enchantments are primarily used for increasing block drops during mining. With Fortune, you can find better items as well. You can enchant an ax, a shovel, or a pickaxe with this enchantment.

Does Looting Work On Diamonds?

It is not possible to get more than one diamond per ore. Additionally, looting cannot be added to a pickaxe.


With the introduction of Enchantments and Potions, Enchanting in Minecraft is very common. The following is a quick look at the Minecraft Looting Enchantment, which can provide players with a great deal of loot for free!

One of the most important elements of the game is enchanting, which can provide the players with a variety of effects or even increase their strength. You can perform this through the use of enchantment tables and enchanted books that you can use to infuse magic into your desired item.

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